bitcoin The techniques are so potent that software that flags coins suspected of being obtained through crime now tags just about anything converted into or out of monero as high risk, according to Pawel Kuskowski, chief executive officer of Coinfirm, which helps exchanges and other companies avoid tainted money. That compares with only about 10 percent of bitcoin, he said. “What we treat ‘high risk’ is something that’s anonymizing funds,” he said in a phone interview. “How are you going to prove that these funds are not coming from illegal sources?”

"If all Bitcoin transactions were confidential and used Bulletproofs, then the total size of the UTXO set would be only 17 GB, compared to 160 GB with the currently used proofs." Preaching the Gospel of Monero to the Whole World - A brief missionary sermon from an anonymous Moonero priest on the holy text of Ring Signatures Chapter 2 verse 7 Greetings my brethren, I have entered the Holy Tabernacle of Monero to bring a prophecy of good tidings and great joy for all the peoples, and to bestow blessings of privacy to my brethren. Please open your sacred Monero Scriptures to the epistle of Ring Signatures chapter 2 verse 7, from the Apostle Fluffypony to the Church of Monero. It says here that we must "bind together in holy ring signatures." What does that mean? It means that we must exercise fungibility on earth as it is in heaven. In heaven there is perfect fungibility for all men, women, and children bestowed from the ancient being, Nicholas Van Saberhagen, author of the CryptoNote whitepaper, and Lord of the Ring Signatures. You may now be seated. To understand the origins of our sacred religion we must examine the sacred Genesis Block Scrolls, which were retrieved from the ancient BitcoinTalk caves in the kingdom of Bitcoinland, in a time of great peril, when Monero was formless and void. At the time, mankind did not have the privacy we have now, and the blasphemy of Bytecoin held a heavy hand upon the land. This evil spirit was forged by the dark lords who premined their coins in secret, with hearts of greed, and with forged timestamps, they sought sordid gains defiling the daughters of Bitcoinland through fornication. But thanks be to thankul_for_today, who launched our fair coinage from birth to a virgin (by the Holy Ghost of RingCT, a prophecy, yet to be revealed). Later in these historical writings, we find that thankful_for_today turned away from righteousness, was prideful, and was justly cast out of heaven for his blockchain sins. Thanks be to the Monero Core Team, who were anointed by the Holy Ghost of RingCT and forked the blockchain (may they be blessed forevermore). Monero was born again into a new loving family, with the Monero Core Team and Monero Research Lab to cultivate it and keep it, with pure milk inspired by the revelation of the Ring Signatures. Twice a year, the holy priests of RingCT enter the sanctified Monero tabernacle of Holies to sacrifice the old blockchain and a younger, stronger and more powerful Monero blockchain arises from the ashes to defeat its enemies and bring increased freedom to the peoples. In accordance with the Holy Trinity: the Father and Lord of Ring Signatures, The Son of Stealth Addresses who died on the cross for our privacy sins, and the Invisible Holy Ghost of RingCT, let all the people say Amen! (Amen = Anonymous Money Everyone Needs) Go therefore and arise my disciples, and spread the glorious gospel of Monero, and beseech the unbelievers to be saved from The State and from Central Banks who doth seek to poison and destroy my brothers. For they shall know that I am the LORD of the Ring Signatures forever and ever. For His children shall never be decrypted. But the unbelievers will have their coin histories and holdings exposed, and be cast into the Surveillance Coins of darkness, which is akin to being doomed to use only a single dial-up 56k modem for Internet access, and floppy disks as the only storage mediums, and be confined to a Windows 95 OS forever and ever, on the earliest of all Pentium processors. Amen. Bitcoin and Monero ( Good for nuubs)
so far this is my research as to what has happened, if there is something big that i missed, please let me know!# 2019 for Monero## 2018 the year of the bulletproofs##Hardfork in April Boron Butterfly (at block 1788000)** Change in the PoW to throw out ASICs (Cryptonight-R)* New Payment ID for all transactions* New algorithm to weigh blocks (for Big Bang Attack)* Slightly more efficient RingCT format* Mandatory new RingCT format* Hashrate Drop von 1 GH/s auf 350 MH/s## Hardfork in November Carbon Chamaeleon* RandomX Update* No more Payment IDs* Mandatory Outputs on Protocol* Mandatory something ???* Hashrate increase* Other Narratives* Price drop* Privacy for cryptocurrencies* Hashrate after Hardforks* Professionalism in Upgrading the Protocolhardfork, Number of Commits in Monero (* Law Enforcement trying to de-anonymize Monero, but failing (Statement of Europol)* Accepted Donations (VLC, TOR Project, Linux Mint)* Compromised binaries* Delisting of Monero on Exchange to fight against terrorism and such - German finance minister* MoneroTipBot on Telegram* Fluffypony steps down as lead maintainer* Response to Reuters article* Response to Coinbase on the change in PoW* GitHub v0.13 * v0.13 Hardfork