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Hello guys I just made a video on Monero. Please give me your feedback as I'm about to make a whole series. I also need all the support I can get from the community. Thank you! Please watch if you have time
TABConf 2019 - Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and the Philosophy of Privacy - Robin Renwick - YouTube

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Multiple prophets and pastors claim different dates for the birth of the Church of Monero. I personally believe the Church was actually birthed in Nicholas van Saberhagen's heart, the author of the CryptoNote whitepaper, the actual date being unknown when the idea entered his mind. Behold, it is a mystery.Instead of arguing over dates, what matters now is how we shall spread the gospel of Monero around the world unto all the people. Let us listen to this message of Monero adoption from the deep web which you can view through this clearnet Tor onion proxy, which brings forth a vision of how to spread Monero to the masses:

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Plan A is to wait until the Monero version (0.14) and Ledger bug gets resolved. Plan B contingency plan already exist for those that are more time constrained, see and don't be afraid to up vote.What will be interesting to see is how interoperable Ledger and Trezor devices are with restoring wallets with common BIP 39 seed words and BIP 39 seed phrases? ASIC discussion

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Tweet from @MichaelaOndrus[email protected]: New Monero HW wallet 🤩 #monero #hardwarewallet
Examining the implications behind @monero 's latest [email protected] analyses the effects of forking out ASIC miners and the consequences of the $XMR March 2019 fork.Check out the in-depth report below👇

My comments getting downvoted for telling people reality, heh