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Hi guys it's me again. I made a video about Kovri, second on my Monero series. Do check it out whenever you can. Love y'all.

Love your voice bro

Kovri is over, right? Most people have given up and moved on.

More like should maybe make it so that people from other projects could also plug into kovri and then with that goal ask other open source communities for help. Something for Outreach perhaps.

It would be nice. Is anonimal dead? Has there been any activity or commits in the git lately?
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Not sure if this accepts monero. Is not listed anymore 🤷‍♂.

Somebody leaning on them? mono – money- monero – coin/currency unit (can also mean the protocol)- moneroj – plural of Monero- monerujo – Monero wallet- moneraro – Monero comunity- monerano – member of the Monero community- moneĉjo – fellow Monero mate (male)- monenjo – fellow Monero mate (female)- moneringo – Monero holder/HODLer- monerigo – Monero developer- moneristo – "person professionally or avocationally occupied with Monero"- monerejo – "place where Monero resides”, translates to "Monero blockchain"- monerido – "Monero offspring", translates to “daughter chain” (the protocol)- moneridejo – daughter chain blockchain- monereto – "small coin", "(moner-)eto" as the smallest XMR unit

"Small Unit 1⁄1000000000000 piconero"

Monero (cryptocurrency)

SO ; Piconero or Monereto ?

Piconero is SI standart

I just got some monero. Best of health to everyone! Lol have not had monero since February of 2018. There is something special about holding monero, the rest of crypto holders will never understand and its not even worth explaining it to them. Peace
I have an interesting spin on this title: is fighting for democracy.Why? Because privacy is essential for democracy because if every single individual is remotely surveilled and manipulated/stalked then those individuals are unlikely to vote democratically and are rather punished for voting against the current government. Monero helps democracy from the standpoint of private money where each individual is less likely to be censored in the legacy financial system because of choosing to vote against the current government.