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https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-02/criminal-underworld-is-dropping-bitcoin-for-another-currency The techniques are so potent that software that flags coins suspected of being obtained through crime now tags just about anything converted into or out of monero as high risk, according to Pawel Kuskowski, chief executive officer of Coinfirm, which helps exchanges and other companies avoid tainted money. That compares with only about 10 percent of bitcoin, he said. “What we treat ‘high risk’ is something that’s anonymizing funds,” he said in a phone interview. “How are you going to prove that these funds are not coming from illegal sources?”
See the latest version of my Monero PowerPoint presentation that I used in Chicago: https://1drv.ms/p/s!AjOt8D-0YjBHgbUXtRj0eOB9GoZpig

It was decided that whether BP comes or not upcoming hardfirk will reduce fee. In recent dev meeting log..No BP coming in March HF(If it goes). Also No apparent fee deduction.They are doing nothing just default priority change. So expect fee deduction in September. https://monerobase.com/wiki/MRLMeeting_2018-01-21