To finish up that same question, how to transfer as little as possible? Choose the correct tools. Choosing Windows will send a lot more of your personal data to Microsoft than using a Linux distribution. Using Bitcoin will reveal a lot more info than using Monero. Etc. Being privacy conscious can be a pain, because it's constant choices and it is definitely the road less traveled, but it's something well worth exploring.

We have many many many translations for most of our resources. Our website has been translated to many different languages with more on the way. And yes, we have different communities for the different languages spoken in the community.We have Spanish podcasts, Russian podcasts, YouTube channels from many languages, interviews, and I personally have gone to several conferences all over the world as a speaker. If Monero doesn't have a translation for a certain language (or a community) and you want to make it happen, then please let us know. We're all about making Monero accessible to everyone.

Where you always interested in privacy and topics like this or something changed along the way? Maybe an experience, or a lecture changed you?

Fungibility. You've heard me say this word a few different times already in this AMA. It's about time I explain it.Fungible is when one of something is the same as another of that same thing? Confused? Here's an example.You have one dollar bill, and I have one dollar bill. We exchange bills. I now have your bill and you now have mine. Even though we exchanged bills, we both still have one dollars worth of dollars, because 1 USD = 1 USD. They are fungible.The same is NOT true of Bitcoin or other transparency coins (i.e. literally almost all of them). I know people like to say 1 BTC = 1 BTC but it's not true. In the previous question I gave an example of someone obtaining dirty bitcoin by selling a tshirt. In many cases, if the individual were to put that Bitcoin on an exchange, their account would get shut down. There are many many stories on the internet of people's coinbase accounts getting temporarily closed for review, or binance, or many other exchanges, because they unknowingly put dirty cryptocurrency in their accounts. Seriously. Google for these stories. There are so many.What this does is mean that some Bitcoin is different than other Bitcoin. If you have 1 BTC and I have 1 BTC, and we exchange BTC, unlike dollars, there may have been an exchange of value. If I gave you a dirty BTC and you gave me a clean one, then I get the better deal, because I can use my BTC in more places than you can. So maybe you're willing to get rid of your BTC at a discount to compensate for it.Bitcoin is not fungible. Transparency coins are not fungible. Opt-in (optional) privacy also doesn't help. Because if you use an optionally private coin (most others except for Monero) then what people see is that you mostly use transparent transactions and then suddenly you use a private one. Wait. Why did you need privacy there? It stands out. But if everyone is private, all the time, then everyone looks the same. There's no way to distinguish a history of a coin. Those people who did the drug transactions will not affect your tshirt business. Monero is fungible. But fungibility is unlocked by mandatory privacy.

So really, it's less about hiding your identity. Monero isn't about being sneaky, avoiding taxes, or being a hacker or criminal. I am a squeaky clean guy. I don't do drugs, or hacking, or criminal activity. But I need Monero. Because otherwise, somebody who DOES do those things will ruin my reputation for something I've never done (like the tshirt example). Monero isn't for criminals. It's for everyone.

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