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Globee is a Monero-accepting payment gateway with plugins for every major e-commerce platform.
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Reminder: Vote for #Monero as a form of payment on ProtonMail:
Kasisto, a Monero Point of Sale payment system, demonstration:

币转账通常都是算转账大小来定的,而不是转账多少来定。给个例子,转账 5000 USD 可能要一个1到5八仙的转账费 (PayPal 10八仙没记错的话),但是币转账的费用则是看大小,就是多少 kB ,越大就越多,但通常都不会超过平均大小。门罗的话则是看你 mixin ,也就是混多少次,越多就越大,但被追查的几率也越低。

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看你是什么钱包,如果是官方钱包,不许任何 tag (其实俗称 payment id ),但安全起见,记得先发一笔小数目进入钱包,成功了才把剩下的转入。

Approximately the 18th of October there will be a scheduled network upgrade on the Monero network. To be sufficiently prepared , a user, service, merchant, pool operator, or exchange should run CLI v0.13.0.0 or GUI v0.13.0.0. The scheduled network upgrade introduces four major changes. First and foremost, a new form of range proofs called Bulletproofs, which will replace the old Borromean range proofs and thereby significantly (i.e. by approximately 80%) reduce the transaction size (and thus fees). Second, a PoW tweak to curb any potential threat of ASICs and further preserve ASIC resistance. As a result, miners will have to update their miners (i.e. mining software) as well. Third, the minimum ring size is bumped to 11 (mixin 10) and will be static / fixed. Therefore, pool operators need to ensure that payouts use a ring size of 11 (mixin 10), otherwise they will get rejected by the network.

Big news! Next fork with remove payment ids and replace them with a private system that's retrofitted to support the current ids!



集成地址(Integrated address) 和支付 ID (payment id )目前没禁止,但不鼓励使用因为对隐私造成风险。现在鼓励使用 副地址 (Subaddress )

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Payment ID ,这个如果你是用官方的钱包,当你转账进入交易所时,钱包会提供一个 payment id ,把该 id 填入交易所里的 id 栏,这个是为了分辨谁是谁的门罗。