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剩下也就是说十几万个币 十几年挖完

When Monero was launched, block reward started at more than 30 XMR per 2 minutes. This reward smoothly decreases until it will reach 0.6 XMR per 2-minute block in 2022. Monero’s continuous decrease is designed to provide a more stable environment for miners, compared to the dramatic “halving” events that some cryptocurrencies use to periodically sharply cut the block reward. After 2022, Monero’s “tail emission” will stay constant, guaranteeing that mining a block will always reward 0.6 XMR.

门罗升级会大概在10月18号(区块高度168555),在这之前所有用户,交易所等都要把钱包自行升级到 v13.0 (算法升级到 cryptonightv8 )。矿工们则要在该区块之前自行升级挖矿软件。以下是4个做出的改变: 1. Bulletproof 算法升级,将会使得门罗的区块大小减少80%左右(交易费也将会减少)。 2. 算法做出一些调整以使得ASIC 比较难成功做出(主要防 ASIC )。 3. 以往都是 Ring size 6 个,升级后将会使用11个,提高及提升门罗的匿名和安全。 4. TBA? 门罗 Bulletproof 的更多详情: 防 ASIC 算法调整的详情: 门罗对于防 ASIC 的立场: 为何使用到 Ring size 11 的详情: 门罗开发者的讨论及决定: 完整的 Reddit 贴(英文): 安卓公认钱包是 Monerujo 苹果公认钱包是 Cakewallet 和 xwallet 公认网上钱包是 官方门罗是 官方论坛网站是 (须知目前的主要源码(Binary )已准备好,但还没公开下载,等可以下载了将会通知大家)

主要是,我看到 cryptonote 系列的技术几乎都是 monero 带出来的



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Bullet proof是什么东西啊?

Bullet proof 可以了解成一种对门罗 cryptonight 算法的改进,可以减少80%的区块(并不是整个区块连,而是升级过后的区块 ),进而导致费用的减少。

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a PhD researcher at Monash University, Australia. I am a part of the cybersecurity group of Faculty of Information Technology who are focusing on blockchain technology. Our interests lie in privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies and how cryptographic techniques are being implemented in those cryptocurrencies. I am conducting a survey to better understand the privacy issues in Monero from the users’ perspective. The purpose of the survey is to investigate how Monero is used and how the Monero users perceive the anonymity of Monero. If you are a Monero user (owning Monero or having experience in using Monero), we invite you to respond to our survey. We do not record your IP address information, referrer, or any other information otherwise explicitly stated. The survey will take up to 15 minutes to complete and is available through the following link: Our study has been approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project ID. 16933). Thank you in advance for your help.

顺便说一声,门罗并没有一个正式的白皮书。白皮书的主要目的是科技深入介绍,而门罗是使用 cryptonote 科技的,所以如果是要门罗的白皮书,就是cryptonote 白皮书。