Where does the mining increase come from? Any idea?

The growing power of the network increases the price of Monero

let's hope for the latter because ASICs suck

How does somebody activate a bother?

first they infect as many machines as possible then they decide to activate all at once i guess

you don't have to activate the malware at the same time as you infect

it’s just saying unrecognized but the user is in the right directory lol

next step is to break through the May resistance

one tard keep buy and sell with 1500XMR on binance

Probably the same guy who activated the botnet/supercomputer... ;)

we need permabull whales like in chainlink then he wll be left behind so fast

Zeus Capital report on them exposed how fragile its foundations are

Nah my dreams tell of the future

And I just want tari to come out then we moon on a crazy level

Monero + ethereum together?

these permabears need learn serious lesson

Many long term bears made good money shorting XMR all all the way down

But then again there are not too many shorts open

Anyway, fomo ist pretty low so there is good potential. Once XMR breaks into 0.0083-85 it will be game on.

But the crash is coming

In bull runs negative news are create only wicks

In the forecast it looks like Bitcoin ... didn't make it again, in Germany alone over 10 tons of gold coins were invested in the corona pandemic !! why not Bitcoin then it would have been different with the price

Torsten Thorsten
Oha that is 80,000 euros

yeah, a bit of a bubble one lives in if they are using such numbers 😹

Thing is, I would have said that too if I had bitcoins for around 100,000, but if you stay in reality it doesn't happen as great drama, some have said 6 years ago there will be healving and the price of 60,000 euros

Monero is going fuck up the cabal that made this plandemic scamdemic

Hey everyone newbie here with first comment. So I have read a lot about how good private Monero is and how it can prevent governments from taxing or taking your hard earned currency but I haven't read anywhere on how to get fiat money or cryptocurrency into Monero without leaving a visible trail.I'm in Australia and am currently using my personal bank account to deposit into the Independent Reserve Exchange where I buy a crypto and then trade it into Exodus for another crypto. Am I doing something wrong?Would love some advice!

I dont see a reason to mine monero as the block per reward is dropping fast till emission where itll be stuck on 0.6 per block, the cost of electricity would probably be more expensive to mine the damn thing in that stage. Your thoughts?

Looks like Saudi hit squad on the way to kill a spy in Canada