Anyone want to take a quiz again this week? It's a fun time with good cryptocurrency questions!

There are plenty of cases in cryptocurrency where it would be hard or impossible to prove origin of funds and im asking how those people were able to cash out

You mined monero around the birth of the cryptocurrency and then you transfered from your mined wallet to a cold storage wallet on a usb and saved it till now

My point is there are plenty of legal ways that you could have obtained some cryptocurrency with no way to prove origin especially with privacy coins where the blockchain isnt able to be crawled to trace transactions to their origin

That's the "unregulated" part of cryptocurrency

ZKSNARKS is a trusted setup... dont trust it

Thank you but i will not invest in zcash, just asking why he did. In my opinion monero is the way to go with cryptocurrency

Best Private Cryptocurrency is MONERO.

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money should be morally neutral.

When people start thinking who own these cryptocurrency at first, the answer is no. When gold start to exchange for food, it is because gold is using manpower to mining and gold can be used to build other

If we need cryptocurrency to exchange, the tech is very important of course but we also make people believe the cryptocurrency is built from very vule things althought cryptocurrency can not be used to build another commodity.

This is why I work on and support the greatest privacy cryptocurrency in existence.

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Hei guys I need to make a 2-3 pages presentation on Monero, does anyone know some good and not so big article about Monero?
Watch these short videos - they summarize the technology that makes Monero a private and fungible cryptocurrency:
Crypto Street

ok, so it could be any cryptocurrency

Or any cryptocurrency for that matter.

In a few words - it’s the most liquid fungible Cryptocurrency

Why are you so big on Monero?

it's the only fungible cryptocurrency with decent liquidity

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May I ask how you transistion from skeptical to believer? Or less skeptical

It wasnt overnight, but I would say that the main reason was the fact that there is natural distrust to the governments of the world. They have too much power in say what money is and what it is not. Message that Satoshi placed in the genesis block resonates with a lot of us, does it not? I was conscious adult back in 2008. With cryptocurrency we take that power away from the few people and try to spread it around among all of us, at least in theory. There is no central bank that decides how much you worth and what your living standard should be. So, I may be skeptical about btc or monero, as it may fail. Win or fail, it may pave the way for others. So I'd say I'm still a skeptic about a particular coin, but firm believer in the cryptocurrency

It is antithetical to all the values of real cryptocurrency. It is not going to onboard everyone into Monero or Bitcoin

Michael Anthony
I just don't follow ideology blindly roy, why can't xmr go after this market ? You throw stones at xrp for trying, nothing to spot xmr trying it , I've introduced hundreds of people to xmr and xrp equally

you dont have to follow ideology blindly, but you have to realize that the whole idea of cryptocurrency has an ideologic origin, it is to take back the individual monetary sovereignity that was lost in the last two hundred years.. and some would argue even more time than that has passed

Cryptocurrency sucks.

Also, "smart contracts" is literally the biggest buzzword in the cryptocurrency space. Who cares about smart contracts. Solve the oracle problem, then smart contracts become interesting. Until then, Crypto Kitties is literally the best usecase for them, as dumb as that is.


I don't own much cryptocurrency period.

Cryptocurrency is kind of lame.

So if I have little cryptocurrency and also don't trust banks, where is my money, you ask?

Hmmm....can I shill not cryptocurrency stuff in here?

Cryptocurrency is like supercars. Looks great on paper but no drivers to take it from point A to B. All we do is buy and sell these supercars based on their value on paper or demand of the buyer. We need proper drivers to make these cars functional and be driven with purpose, whether its simple cruise or drag race. Till then they are just toys.

I know some digital artists who were "deplatformed" recently, but they consider cryptocurrency to be "too difficult" to set up to accept as form of donation or commission payment.Dunno how to help them solve this one.

As we move into the next phase of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology I’m afraid archaic ideologies such as privacy will be obsolete and be left behind