I believe the US government will gradually loose peoples trust in the current dollar over the next 2 years and they will see how people start to prefer cryptocurrencies. In an attempt to gain the trust of the people they will make a crypto version of the dollar (not necessarily blockchain) but with a transparent circulating suppy and a total supply (still no max supply - but people will think that total means MAX) It will work for a few years until people realize that it's exactly the same as the previous dollar - but this times it will be much easier for people to exhange into a cryptocurrency of their choice

I think he’s right. Crypto still relies on a comparison with fiat currency, and bitcoin regularly follows stock market highs and lows. At this point, cryptocurrency is not a safe haven. Sure, Monero has great offerings over fiat, like privacy is a huge advantage for us, but it doesn’t make Monero bulletproof to economic collapse. The price of bottle caps probably won’t skyrocket :)

dude hah THIS ARTICLE is making methink SAMSUNG may just PUMP Monero ought of pride, because if Monero went 100X from $50 to $5000, like btc price, then it wouldnt take 170 years but 1.7 years , to pay for itself. and samsung is the nation of Korea what if they ALL get behind monero because of this as a marketing thing?
Monero Means Money (the #1 cryptocurrency documentary) premieres for free in 30 minutes:

Monero is the cryptocurrency everybody thought they were buying when they got Bitcoin.

Brash Candicoot
Most exchanges nowadays seem to require papers to identify, ouch.
atomic swaps, projects like portal , defi, and synthetics are just around the corner if not here now. It's a great thing that KYC is being pushed on centralised exchanges, like most things crypto it will have the absolute opposite effect that regulators expect.
I don't know what you are talking about.The premise of my statement is that US will definitely fade some day it's a matter of time

we wait after the halving, the whole price is reduced and then let's see if the billionaires invest in cryptocurrency

I suspect space travel will require a new cryptocurrency with absolutely staggering blocktimes

Jack Black
No Tony. Thank YOU.

@johnzzzzz He wrote to me and unfortunately I didn't see it, that's why I want to pay the amount you know why? because I'm overly disappointed with cryptocurrency

Because nobody uses cryptocurrency.

Because cryptocurrency sucks.

so monero is the only true cryptocurrency

She's right. But it's also funny cuz she's supposedly the founder and CEO of a cryptocurrency company.

USDT is not a cryptocurrency.

Ether has tendency to rise you know and Cryptocurrency is not for the weak

If you want dollar use dollar. If you want cryptocurrency, use Monero. There is no in between.

the world is literally being run by satanic pedophiles and they want to blame a cryptocurrency with a 1 billion dollar market cap

Mox (No PMs and I never PM first).
Me no tribalism

tribalism makes sense here because XMR is the only decent cryptocurrency, all the rest are total shit because they aren't fungible so they cannot be currency

Any one want to see cryptocurrency?

Any one want to sell cryptocurrency?

Is that what you think?

💯, IMF now makes its own cryptocurrency, so behind it is gold support, the Bitcoin shit comes from Chinese, the dogs eat!

Monero is the best privacy coin in the cryptocurrency space

Researchers Claim 99.9% of Zcash Transactions Are TraceableA study into the traceability of top privacy coins reveals over 99% of Zcash users fail to utilize the protocol’s privacy features.Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have released a study into the privacy features of Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) — arguably the two most-popular crypto assets purporting to offer users anonymity.The report finds that Monero’s introduction of strict security and anonymity requirements on its broader ecosystem has maintained the asset’s status as “effectively untraceable.”Transversely, the report concludes that the lack of utilization of Zcash’s privacy capabilities on the part of more than 99% of users undermines the privacy of the overall network despite ZEC offering “strong cryptographic features.”Zcash user behavior undermines privacyThe report describes Zcash as a Bitcoin (BTC) fork that seeks “to completely break the link between the sender and the receiver.”The researchers assert that “Zcash is not widely used” currently, citing a May 2020 survey of darknet markets indicating that “it [, Zcash,] is by far not the preferred cryptocurrency on the dark web.”Through employing zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge, or SNARKs, ZEC is able to prevent any interaction between transaction prover and verifier — creating “a barrier that further impedes efforts to link addresses together.”However, Zcash offers both anonymous shielded and pseudonymous transparent transactions, with the researchers finding that only 0.09% of ZEC transactions within a 30-day period made full use of the protocol’s privacy features.“[E]ven though cryptographically Zcash is very well-founded, the users behave in a way that does not take full advantage of the shielded pool, making them traceable. As each user in the shielded pool becomes linked to the transparent pool, the overall anonymity of the ZEC ecosystem reduces as the anonymity set shrinks drastically.”“[I]t seems that the large majority of Zcash users do not yet understand Zcash’s operating model,” the study finds, concluding that the “minuscule” set of ZEC users utilizing shielded transactions renders Zcash “effectively traceable.”30% of XMR Transactions Found to be TraceableThe report notes that an increasing number of altcoins have sought to brand themselves as privacy coins, claiming to offer completely private transactions in contrast to the pseudonymous transactions enabled by nearly all crypto assets.The researchers observe several features of Monero designed to provide untraceability and unlinkability. One-time use addresses are employed for every transaction output to prevent linkability, while traceability is addressed with one-time ring signatures — a form of zero-knowledge proof, alongside decoy inputs called mixins.The paper also examines a number of further upgrades introduced to the protocol from 2017 onwards, finding that less than one percent of transactions carried out using XMR over the last two years were traceable according to most methods of analysis employed.However, one model was still able to reveal transaction inputs with an accuracy of 30%.

Fan of jack black?? Real funny guy

Soon I will announce on my Youtube channel tH3 TRuTh about crypto, and let the world know about the one True Cryptocurrency Monero.

Pirate Chain (Privacy Enabler - $ARRR) sur Twitter : "🏴☠ Pirate Chain Creates Worlds First Z to Z-only Mobile Wallet. Out now on the first Public BETA on Android. #cryptocurrency #mobile #android #wallet #privacy…

What if rioters go for banks and ATM vandalism (super duper easy) and people end up having to use stuff like cashapp? I mean due to the corona virus emergency many people are already using Zoom and Cashapp for previously unthinkable government official stuff.... which is scarey because we got scammers like justin sun coming in to steal taxpayer money for his scams posing as real e government tools. Oh well. Its like that shkw billions they.mention steemit and blocktrades almost by name maybe we should pursue justin sun wnd his 2 million dollar gov grant... that amazon showtime show Billions is about "axe capital" ny megalomania makes me think that means ackza capital and that I can create a new monero based african american marketcap cryptocurrency group that advertises monero and monero mining facilities to black america. We can use this momentum lol

The Black Lives Matter Zero proof CUltural CryptoCurrency

I was doing that just yesterday. Scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through hundreds if not thousands of random repos to find a new cryptocurrency.

Change a well established, decentralized, fairly distributed, well developed cryptocurrency for a whitepaper ghost sounds not like a good plan to me.

Reo B don't be a moron and try to buy cryptocurrency on Telegram

Paper wallets exist in cryptocurrency as a form of cold storage, meaning "offline". Hot wallets are wallets connected to the internet. Essentially all that a paper wallet is, is your public and private key. As long as you have those 2 things, you'll always be able to prove that you are the owner of that wallet. There are some fancier ones available but they're ultimately just the same thing.

it's currency

Money is currency. Have your ever heard of the term “cryptocurrency”?

I don't think cryptocurrency will gain mass adoption. ^__^

the fact is every unit of fiat currency that goes into any other cryptocurrency is that much less going into monero. it's an attack on monero. this is a zero sum game and monero will absorb the market caps of all these shitcoins and even bitcoin itself

Other coins might outgrow BTC because of their business or ecosystem but XMR challenges BTC as cryptocurrency head on.

It better captures the original spirit of the crypto community and also the characteristics the general population thought a cryptocurrency would have.

Cryptocurrency is only 11 years old

History would be different if monero was the first cryptocurrency instead of bitcoin

Hey everyone newbie here with first comment. So I have read a lot about how good private Monero is and how it can prevent governments from taxing or taking your hard earned currency but I haven't read anywhere on how to get fiat money or cryptocurrency into Monero without leaving a visible trail.I'm in Australia and am currently using my personal bank account to deposit into the Independent Reserve Exchange where I buy a crypto and then trade it into Exodus for another crypto. Am I doing something wrong?Would love some advice!