Eventually - this is cool to have an own digital money account in whatever age. :) Hopefully we’ll be able to purchase a Nintendo games with crypto in near future :)

tfw my local crypto coin ATM doesn't support Monero. :(

It'd be neat to see rise of more crypto coin exchanges with no registration.

The world would benefit from rich crypto anarchists for sure.. with 1xmr=2000$ I could give away 1k locha mesh devices for free in my country :)

I meant (a bit as a Joke) that money makes people change.

I think some young btc rich guys can be an example. I generally dislike those Dreams of crypto Paradise in a Caribbean island

It's been a while since I have seen a good old " asked for crypto as ransom! " news
Death Parade
I don't want to shill grin but what do you think about them?

crypto only or open to other types of assets?

𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓮 𝓔. 𝓒𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓽𝓮
There's that many?

Namespace (Namecoin), ledger info (XMR), Rare collectibles (crypto kitties)

.. please don’t break our dreams about cryptographic anarchy 🥺

almost half the crypto market cap

klksksks hagsgs

Ohok, make sense for you to hold crypto in long run

crypto hollow earth

In the meantime, the common citizen can protect himself from inflation by immediatly exchanging its fiat salary for crypto, only passing it back to fiat when stricly necessary.

Before crypto being an option, people from countries with high inflation would receive their salary and try to immediatly spend it all on goods and services, since any type of delayed consumption would result in less purchasing power. This of course is lot less convenient than exchanging fiat for crypto.

Cryptocurrency sucks.

Trezor Co-Founder Accuses Ledger of ‘Dishonest’ Hardware Wallet Report

raas warned Crypto Lover 1 of 3 they dont have monero on that exchange, its really hard for me to say its not offtopic

Tor isn't safe anymore

Honestly and to think Crypto isnt tribalistic!

Because of the fact they still do use cash a lot being well developed country

but why applaud? don't we want to actually switch to crypto more and more? but i get it, better use anonymous fiat than VISA and MasterCard etc.

If you could understand my language, I’d share how the government from my country fight against money laundering using bitcoin 🙈 It was on all our news.. in a short: authority responsible for crypto crimes confiscated the bitcoin from a guy who got arrested and didn’t transfer those bitcoins to different wallet because they changed the password on his windows wallet (not sure which) by thinking now they control the funds 🙈 In few days when they found a way to exchange those bitcoins - they were gone :D It was such a LOL and shame, but sad and happy truth :D

Of course in USA, UK and some more countries governments knows crypto, but there’s 195 countries in the world and I’m not living in worst developing one

Sorry for off-topic, I was just trying to prove that not all governments are ready for crypto in any manner ;)