Lol, I just got a message from my power company, someone is scamming their customers for bitcoin. Calling and demanding immediate payment

Any plans for a Monero stick similar to the Opendime " Bitcoin stick " product

Bisq FAQ1. You have to already have bitcoin (as a buyer OR a seller)2. You have to make a security deposit in bitcoin to ensure you follow through with your trade. It is held in a MultiSig account between the buyer and seller, and is returned immediately after a trade completes3. You do not need to deposit Moneroj to bisq, they are sent directly to the buyer4. As an order maker you may change the price of your order at any time, but not the quantity.5. As a maker you may cancel your order at any time; your deposit will be refunded, but you will lose your transaction fees. 6. Make sure your trades are logged as complete in the program. You may have sent and recieved your crytocurrencies, but if you have not checked the transaction as complete your funds haven't been released to the other user. After 24 hours they will get your money anyway as well as your security [email protected]_p2p if you have any questions

For a more positive note - I’ve just used cake wallet to exchange some btc and eth to monero and it went as smoothly as our Milky Way.. and @ almost the same rate as kraken has. I’m not a bitcoinist, so I probably don’t know all those fancy mobile wallets, but cake wallet is a real gold for us for now :)
no. it's an exchange

Ok.. and yes - bitcoin still remains traceable when going through bisq

So the last privacy bitcoiners had is now illegal? 🙈

If you could understand my language, I’d share how the government from my country fight against money laundering using bitcoin 🙈 It was on all our news.. in a short: authority responsible for crypto crimes confiscated the bitcoin from a guy who got arrested and didn’t transfer those bitcoins to different wallet because they changed the password on his windows wallet (not sure which) by thinking now they control the funds 🙈 In few days when they found a way to exchange those bitcoins - they were gone :D It was such a LOL and shame, but sad and happy truth :D

Well, the story has been told a bit different here, but it doesn’t change the fact..

The shortcut from that post:“But the Latvian story shows that officials in many countries may still lack the knowledge or the legal framework to seize, store and sell bitcoin.”