This is true , but you have to admit that is how monero started. If no one speculated in btc and Xmr, it wouldn't be the coin it is today. Btc and xmr went through same thing. Now epic has to do the same. Epic is definitely not defi.

bitcoin appreciated in value, because it was the thing that you needed to buy stuff on the dark web ebay.speculation followed, once it was already worth something due to it being used as a currency

This is bitcoin's main competitor and costs just under 1/100 bitcoin

For example, bitcoin cash like that doesn't have a start to Xmr.

I really like monero, it is the best for private transactions, however it is just useful hidden payments. That alone doesn’t have huge value. But still it is technologically superior to bitcoin.

History would be different if monero was the first cryptocurrency instead of bitcoin

If Monero was the first coin, Bitcoin would be worth $0, as it has nothing to offer. The fungibility of Monero makes it more Bitcoin-like than Bitcoin itself, and Monero has so much more like the tail emission, adaptive blocksize cap, and gradual block reward decrease rather than halvings, which cause a sudden shocks to the system.

They got fired

noone takes this coin srsly anymore yall are a bunch of bitcoin sv trolls

Yesterday the whole world called Bitcoin and Crypto a BUBBLE and a ponzi scheme.Today the whole worlds financial markets are a BUBBLE and a ponzi scheme.

Monero circulating supply over takes Bitcoin

ATM bitcoin has been banned in Germany

In bull runs negative news are create only wicks

In the forecast it looks like Bitcoin ... didn't make it again, in Germany alone over 10 tons of gold coins were invested in the corona pandemic !! why not Bitcoin then it would have been different with the price

Thing is, I would have said that too if I had bitcoins for around 100,000, but if you stay in reality it doesn't happen as great drama, some have said 6 years ago there will be healving and the price of 60,000 euros

Gold price went down, bitcoin afterwards too.. OMG... I knew

same reason I don't look at Bitcoin in Canadian dollars

I do however look at Bitcoin to Monero chart though. It's my fave

Guys, I want to trade bitcoin to monero. What's the best service for that without kyc?

it's bitcoin at realistic value

It isn't in my experience. Usually a few seconds.

It usually takes at least 5-10 seconds. Comparing it to Bitcoin Cash, BCH is <1 second 0-conf

Sidd P (IMightBeAPenguin)
What's panopticoin?
Example.Please compare the top 100 richest BCH wallets: the top 100 richest XMR wallets:

True. I think Bitcoin is possibly the most overvalued imo

It's a real head scratcher why people use Bitcoin for transactions they'd like to be anonymous for

Think of xmr has the Bitcoin of privacy coins

ForeGolf “Transparent Blockchain,” Russia’s new crypto analytics system is designed to fight illicit activity related to crypto.

According to the report, the new system is able to “partially reduce anonymity” of transactions involving major coins like Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Omni (OMNI) as well as privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Dash (DASH) and Monero (XMR).

As CryptoPotato reported yesterday, three major US government agencies, namely the FBI, the IRS, and the HSI, seized over 300 cryptocurrency accounts containing massive amounts of Bitcoin from al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Hamas.The three terrorist groups got the funds by raising substantial donations from believers or impersonating legitimate organizations to dupe people into sending BTC. They also reassured their supporters that all Bitcoin transactions were entirely anonymous.However, that’s not the case, and the US agencies managed to trace and ultimately seize the cryptocurrency accounts belonging to the terrorists.The post UK Authorities Seize $150,000 Of Illegaly Acquired Bitcoin appeared first on CryptoPotato.

The MPS (or Met) announced that the Proactive Money Laundering Team had investigated a 35-year old woman for illegally acquiring substantial amounts of government-backed funds and using them to purchase Bitcoin.Upon receiving a search warrant, Met officers, assisted by Suffolk Constabulary’s Proactive Crime Team, raided the woman’s residential address in Ipswich. They found several children left at the address on their own. The authorities located the suspect nearby and arrested her on suspicion of fraud, money laundering, and child neglect.The police interviewed the woman and released her on August 12th while the investigation proceeds. However, Met officers successfully applied to a London magistrates’ court on August 13th for the detention of £115,000 ($150,000) worth of Bitcoin held in a digital wallet belonging to the suspect.