The unbreakable algorithm? Did you study Cryptography?

RSA/ECC are not, I agree

D r U n K

The problem with Quantum technology is the Shor's Algorithm, which can be used to speed up the process of breaking asymmetric encryption like RSA or ECC

Cracking RSA with Shor’s Algorithm, Jonathan Hui

The same applies to hashes•

Could be cool if there will come something in crypto resistance against quantum times

I think Quantum will be just like what ASIC did and will lead BTC to a even bigger centralization

Mark Kremer
So Google could hack bitcoin coins like monero when they have an quantum computer?

monero is safe today with its current protocols, but with quant computing comes quant encryption. remember that

He gave away his identity

Deltoid or something 😪

Rookie maneuver

That was my point, usually you don't need to break math or code, just rely on opsec fuckups

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How can i use my view-key to see a transaction ?

Any opinions why XMR rises a bit sluggish?My potential factors:a. Fewer exchanges and exposure to incoming liquidityb. Shorts on the XMR/BTC or XMR/ZEC ratio c. Smart and rational OG investor population that sells tops and buys bottoms leading to less volatilityd. Tendency to have pressure from miners needing to cover cost.e. Less awareness from incoming normies

Never mind. Looks like we're pushing trough now. 😜

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Time to invest to them

It makes you laugh..i dont

already mined some of thoses.... waiting in the wallet, but rigth now xmr is mi precious

how is zcash same price as monero now??!!