it is not the time. i am scaring they are catching me.

sorry you cannot help me. i am in china.

it looks like they really don't want me to take photo for them.

they know my twitter password they know every info about me.

yes, it is today.

hope you save all my twitter.

there's an odor of suspicion to your entire story, ward

it is complex, but it is worth to save what i said.

i know. just understand every single word.

is the CCP making you type all of this right now?

i said a lot . they should have next move.

not i am alone.

he's behind the wooden thing. get 'um.

they say afternoon the gov will catch me to look-like-hospital.

i know. it is what they want.

so i want people to look me to look what i type in twitter.

okay ward, you got me. what's your twitter?

they keep stop me outside of the door.

i have no way to go now.

they keep stop me outside of the door.

Then stop fucking with them for a little while

Be a good goy and pretend you changed

maybe you're under quarantine

it is not work. because they know what they do and they think i am smart.

it is already a long time years.

have you been drinking the bat soup again?


Are there still lots of sick people there?

They say they stopped the virus but nobody believes

i don't like what you say. you can know it is true from what i saying.

why you keeping saying that and ignore what i say and.what i happening

Is it on Twitter?

but it is chinese. i hope people save my twitter and i don't know where they will delete it.

i don't like what you say. you can know it is true from what i saying.

i'm sorry ward, what is your twitter? i'd like to learn more, but you're being a bit vague

Just search Twitter

查看 the animal china (@WL8keCGnMzhDlKO):

maybe you should post this stuff in english to reach a wider audience

china is beautiful isn't it? but it is dark and you don't know.

we have everythings but it is dark.