and i am buying system from us. i don't know if it will work. it is on the way. i don't know i can catch the time.

and i am also buying dajiang to take photo for some chinese animals and i think it is what make they want to catch me this time.

dajiang is arriving today.


sorry, i don't what the face means. i am afraid it is look like Pinocchio. i don't like it but i don't care.

decide what they believe after really know what i said in chinese.

i already know it is hard to believe years ago. but i should keep telling the truth.

i also have some fear before i tell the whole things before people really know what happen, took their some attention and leave.


sorry, but it is what they are.

it may see so ridiculous. but when no one can punish them. they become to care some thing and don't care some thing.

everything will be okay once kovri is rolled out

i always believe if some one do very bad things if you cant not punish them you should record it and take a photo for them and let other people see what they look.

sorry, what you say in here may influence what they decide to next. and how they lie to you.

Tell them Jack Black is boycotting all Chinese movies

And we're increasing Winnie the Poo Meme production

i don't want to play dajiang, i hate to play some toys in this time. but i have to do it althought it look like rediculous. i always know.

they always keep their face back and hiding in their house.

i bought it but i dont want to use it.

it is hard for me to play it.

and i dont want people to keep looking it because there is a lot what i say want to tell you.

and i run out money to buy it.

i may never to use it because every day i have many trouble.

the police goes away now, i dont know if they will come back at night.

i hate them so much. i want people see their face.

How does Monero help you with your problems?\

sorry, i may had a dream to get billion in Encryption currency market. get many money to do what they do to me.

because when i decided to die money is no use for me.

i just want to have a try and whatever.

after what they did to me, i already to die finally. i live just for punishing them.

always. they go and leave. give pressure on me.

sorry it is hard to get evidence in china. it is true.

and it is hard to believe so many chinese be part of it and look like i am the one who is lieing.

yes, maybe there is no time.

they look like don't give up today.

i ready hope you could save my twitter save for next time. because it may really today.

save my twitter every single twitter. they don't give up today.

we can't help you if you don't help us

they are waitting for night.

collaboration is a two-way street, you see