Thanks a lot 4 admit me

I am 1 millisecond away from market buying XMR

Mutations so hard rn now that covid 19 probb becoming covidxmr

Madonna sacrifices children for adrenochrome

Whats the best mobile wallet for monero ?

Anthony Pooler
Whats the best mobile wallet for monero ?

i like Exodus. MyMonero is also nice (pure XMR wallet). and if you want the most privacy and security i'd say the default XMR wallet is perfect. GUI or CLI

china police want

to catch me with no reason.

查看 the animal china (@WL8keCGnMzhDlKO):

if something happen to me

i want know.

you may don't know chinese but i want you twitter

it may be deleted by someone very soon

let more people see it

tell your friends and media i think it may today i will dead.

save my twitter. it is a lot. it may hard to understand but it is true about every single word.

they will say i am crazy.

they go to get some violet help now.

every single i am frighten they will catch me again.

i have no way to tell in china.

not just gov, but their people. i am sorry how it is but it is true.

china gov comes from chinese.

Bless you sir stay safe and keep fighting the good fight.

chinese make gov.

they are all the same with same mind AMD logic.

now not the xijinping catch me but chinese doing the things.

so many chinese know what happened in me.

my twitter could tell some part of what happened to me. and i keep some video and sound record in early time. please keep it although you may don't understand chinese.

so many things to tell but my english is not well.

and some word it is hard to understand in english.

Write it in HEX on the ETH blockchain so it will forever be stored and viewable by Vitalik

i already decide to do it and i want evey one know what happened and every one decide who is wrong who is criminal.

sorry to mind you. they are watching my phone and computer in real time through hack.