Can you please exemplify some of those countries? 🤔

panama has no tax on property as most properties are held by companies that have a number of shares, and who owns the shares and has the company registered to their name is the owner of the property

then there are countries which give a tax break to "sustainable" types of construction, i.e building with shipping containers or stuff like that

then there are countries which tax only based on income and at a fixed rate.. and dont tax property

A tiny thread on Monero by me. Discussions and debate welcome. 😬https://twitter.com/BBODTrading/status/1227970687538610178?s=19

it’s exempt for some years, it depends on the year the land started being developed as the numbers of years changed recently. Then they split between base value and improvements

then tax the former

new property and construction over 100k is 1% a year man

apparently you didn’t buy property then

the base value is a lot lower than total value in your deed

"I will buy property after the market crash"


Demand is growing so the miners react

I also check the price but ıt seems less growth when compared to others

I don't want to shill grin but what do you think about them?

Death Parade
I don't want to shill grin but what do you think about them?

as far as i know it has nothing to do with mimblewimble

I'm lookin for other projects to invest

crypto only or open to other types of assets?

hmm I'm the wrong person to ask then

always invest in ripple, it’s good

no better option than being pegged (or maybe not even) with a shitcoin, so tether is the best option to invest!

oh i heard ripple was the standard

but also they want you to call it XRP now

Ripple is just the company, they get mad if you call the currency ripple

I think tether but on ripple is better

i know ethereum is an unusable bloatware right now, but im thinking it will make decent profits in the short to mid term.. depends on how much risk youre willing to take.. suddenly vitalik comes out and rolls back the chain again and well.. who knows

i wouldnt chase it tho