decentralized gifs for decentralized xmr community

decentralized telegran

orkhan nəzərli
still can't

So strange... Try again, maybe the block chain is slow today

A block just got confirmed

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Or if you want something less technical read “Mastering Monero”

Nicole Stanbrough
How does it work

I'm reading the book "Mastering Monero" by SerHack right now. Great starting point.

Also the resources above

What's the best site to create a monero wallet?

Guy's, could it be that Pirate Chain is imitating monero

Imitation is the highest form of flattery sir

What Will happen when asic farms only mine BTC for fees?

How much should cost to be profitable mining BTC for fees?

Xmr almost Will give yo minera fees+ perpetual small REWARD

Better than only mine for fees

Just to say that shit of monero

When other coins like all others

Will only offer fucking fees

Xmr Will offer fees+reward.. i think that It is much more stimulant for miners

Mine both rather than only fees

My goal is to stack my gains into xmr this season.

Btc is the currency of governments. They should it for transparency of our tax dollars. Xmr is the currency of the people. Used to conduct our transactions with right of privacy.

gold miners have reward aswell

it doesnt make gold BAD. for sustainable economical growth you need that.