But first, people need to know what is the enemy, and crypto is a good start

Yes . It’s kind of anemic on hardware set up . Unless I missed it

vikign eat everythign including there enemies.. all of them liver and all!

network hashrate is your enemy. it rose significantly

but we are enemy asics 😡😡

New Cinema Display is more than a magic too

Hey @geraldinemcdonalds, welcome to Monero Mining chat group, feel free to check the pinned message message to get started and bring on the hashes 😎

I’m still waiting for affordable 5k Apple cinema monitor 😞

I am the Windows enemy but...

Barely-Bearable 🇨🇦 T
So we're witnessing the commoditization of CPUs.... the final stage in any product's innovation timeline

Evolution starts with a people. 10y ago a regular mortal couldn’t afford a machine able to render cinema4d (example) at home. Now we can so the demand for such machines grows.. There’s so much undone to call it the end

Ryo RU
why you call stuff trolling and bs. When people do research, contributions and ask questions you see it in a negative way. Why you can't answer simple question for example - why your guys are lying on reddit that I quoted?

I don't have reddit and don't follow it, so I don't care about it.It is trolling because you come with ad hominem attacks regarding hyc (which is not even present here)Is obvious you are here to shill your shitcoin, so if you have nothing more constructive please stop before we censor you

aren't they the enemy....

Not sure.. I don’t have enemies :)

trolling + ad hominem, same old childish behaviour 😉

Btw I was thinkig about creating a NEM toekn

ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ 🐱
and now it is by far the best software

that's debatable.. and it both stak as rig sucked in the previous algo, but then trm was seen as the the enemy..