Can someone mine cryptocurrency for a living? Like full time?

Most antivirus programs fail to detect this cryptocurrency-stealing malware | ZDNet

one of the points is they focusing on making digital assets spendable. The lack of such focus in the industry have made cryptocurrency as a speculative trading tool in the market —-> 😅

Ya any other Cryptocurrency

"We're looking for talented senior developer(s) to join the Mineful team and build the world's largest distributed supercomputer. Mineful works with desktop applications (via SDK or white-label applications) to harness their users' spare computing power to mine cryptocurrency.Amongst the team, we have three Wharton founders, several combined exits and over $300M raised in previous ventures. In the last 3 months, Mineful has secured 9 LOIs comprising over 15M users ready to share their computing power, and is working on contracts with some of the biggest players in gaming and desktop applications. The backend infrastructure and MVP products for both Mac and Windows are complete, but we are looking for talented developer(s) to help scale, iterate, and own future technical development of the consumer facing products.Developer(s) will receive significant equity and salary. As such, they should have experience leading small, agile teams and shipping code quickly.Main responsibilities will include:• Owning existing product stack, including SDK, white label miners, and more• Manage back-end infrastructure including pools, proxies, and wallets• Execute 9+ LOIs including a public gaming company, music streamingsite, and more• Work with senior business team to align on product roadmap and assistwith fundraising Existing Code Base:• Miners: C++, Assembly• Client Frameworks / Libraries: Mac - Swift (compatible with ObjC andSwift); Windows - C#• Platform: Ruby (Rails) with Rails Engines; Node.js micro-services(proxies, pools); Client apps - Vue.jsEmail your resume to [email protected] if interested"

Hello Everyone,I am a crypto developer for 3 years already & I can create any type of crypto, from x11 to scrypt or quark, ETH and STO.Available Packages For Token/Coin CreationPrices starts from $80 for basic to premium ETH package based on scrypt POS/POW up to $300 on more special ideas. Most asked coins are based on Masternodes.Premium $300 - All Stuff in Standard Plus, Online Merchant gateway & API for your token. and woocommerce pluginStandard $150 - ERC20 Contract ERC20 Token, ICO website and A Users Web WalletBasic $80 - Ethereum Standard ERC20 Token Deployment. Works In any ETH Wallet.Delivery time for PackagesPremium Package - 5 daysStandard Package - 3 daysBasic Package - 2 daysThings to know:1. I develop 20 hours a day. You can contact me at any time on here, I usually reply very fast.2. I don't make coins with the pretext : "when i sell a masternode i will pay you". At the first instance I get a feeling that you are trying to scam with my work, I'm definitely blocking you.3. My service does not encourage scam projects. I want to see new people adding their ideas through the blockchain technologies.About This GigCreation of A cryptocurrency Ethereum Token for Your Fundraising, ICO, or Coin. The ICO is inbuilt in the contract and all Ethereum collected will be sent to an address you provide. For the  Standard and premium service this includes an ICO landing page.(Based on our design). A php wallet for Ethereum and for your token to facilitate the sales process. The website files provided are generic and NOT unique and have a licence for use in ONLY 1 IP address. You are free to customize them as you wish. The code is not encrypted.1. Etheruem standard ERC20 contract.2. Coin of Your Own3. Webwallet. (Standard/Premuim Package )4. Payment Gateway for your Token and any other ERC20 token (Premium Package)5. ERC20 Tokens  Listing Script plus Token Market information (Premuim Package)6. ERC20 ICOs  Listing Script plus ICO information (Premium Package)7. Charge users  to list their tokens alongside yours  (Premium Package)

Hello Mates, I have been into cryptocurrency mining for over 4 years now and profits has drastically been dropping. I had to look for a better source of income and came across @Extractbotmining (No hardware usage requirement). Since then i have been able to earn more bitcoin in 3 months than I would have earned for 2 years of my regular Hardware mining.Do well to join the community and Earn as well. My referral code is : 2bGa4c6F

But make sure you pay them with state fiat currency not with real money gold silver or cryptocurrency 😁

What is the difference between Cryptocurrency trading platforms such as bainance and investment sites such as MegaCoin?!

I think cryptocurrency has bought this changes for powerful computers

Hello to all. who understands cryptocurrency, please write in private messages. I apologize for spam, I love everyone.

Hanish Patel
You never know when one of the coin with best dev could change the game. Maybe satoshi is secretly working on making btc much more superior?

There’s no “best” coins where a single developer can change the game ;) And if you found one - call it Visa, Swift, Eos, XRP... not a cryptocurrency ;)

If RandomX pans out, it will be the most significant advancement in CryptoCurrency since the invention of PoW.

Anyway what happens with Sumo ?

Bitcoin will always have a special place in my heart as not only the first cryptocurrency but also made me a ton of money.

The general cryptocurrency market is regaining strength rapidly

Was actually surprised to see explanation for “above 4g decoding” on msi X570 bios - it says “for cryptocurrency mining” :)

Nick Foster | Kaboomracks
Provide examples of “getting hacked”

But mostly in support of the cryptocurrency and what it stands for

Cryptocurrency is a fanboy thing.

Cryptocurrency is a fanboy thing.

you are wrong, cryptocurrency is a very political technology even if those participating are unaware of it

You can still buy my imaginary car for a million dollar

Yeah thing is, no one will. Because that in actuality doesn't hold any value, unlike the cryptocurrency you're mining

Its any new cryptocurrency i can mine with cpu and take profit in the future?