have been living there for 10+years...would rather get there again

argentina, best weather ever. short winters and long summers

used to be North north/west of you

yes, in paraguay its always hot even now, much closer to the ecuator

yea ;)... been a few times in Argentine too...Buenas Aires... and some

I loved to fly over Buenas Aires

its a nice city, lots of movement and noise and life, but im tired of it, want to move to the beach or more to the south to patagonia

some natural atmosphere

the sis of one of my friends lives in a province... , pretty quiet live

Decrypt: Here’s why Coinbase still hasn’t listed Monero.https://decrypt.co/?p=36731

I always have this one - the longer monero will stay cheap, the more I’ll be able to gather ;)

who needs coinbase...

If monero will follow the the path - there’s only one outcome possible

Space Guide
who needs coinbase...

Well - someone needs it.. coinbase is relatively easy-to-use/understand doors to crypto

Whatever privacy in this case - for beginners security and reputable players play the highest role

And it’s understandable

And it’d be good to see monero in whatever popular exchange list just for “check”. I’d say - who needs exchanges.. but for this kind of economy we need them

buying monero in coinbase would be self-defeating

they share user data with the nsa

they are the worst shit

klksksks hagsgs
they share user data with the nsa

codingcowboy (-. ....- .--- . -.-): They don't have a choice it's the law... In the US it's called KYC (Know Your Customer) Agreed it doesn't make sense to exchange monero on coinbase or any other exchange since that would defeat the purpose of Monero being anonymous at least for the US.

just buy and withdraw

theres still data about you but theres a better chance it wont get to the nsa

at least not directly

klksksks hagsgs
buying monero in coinbase would be self-defeating

endor00: Not really. Once you get Monero, anything that happens after that becomes hidden

endor00: (With the minor caveat about EABE attacks and such, but those are kinda rare)

i would assume you automatically become a subject of interest if you bought monero in an exchange after what the nsa said about it being a "threat" because they couldnt trace it

at the very least being included into a list

no kyc orI don't use it

not practical some times

well...that's how I would do all my transactions

if you trade its not practical at all

but we have localmonero and bisq

well.. when I let someone to know that I’m familiar with crypto, the first question ALWAYS is: “is it profitable”? It’s a fantasy world where everyone holds monero because it’s useful - 90% trades it and most of them knows nothing about technology behind and in this case privacy is optional.

In other words - every liquidity cent or penny is valuable

sting-ray: Good day guys what's a good way to get started ??

in that case... a nice AMD rig


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