vidyut: Does XMR have global domination aims like BTC does according to the BTC maximalists, anyway. Are there XMR maximalists?

endor00: My definition of a BTC maximalist is "someone who only religiously cares about BTC and willingly disregards any other tech in spite of any pros and cons"

endor00: By that definition, any BTC maximalist is an idiot, so I tend to ignore their claims

endor00: I don't know what "global domination" they're referring to, but it would be nice to have a global, decentralized, reliable cryptocurrency

endor00: And out of all the projects I've seen and evaluated so far, I think XMR is the most suited for the task. Should a better project arise, I'll be happy to switch over

vidyut: > I don't know what "global domination" they're referring to, but it would be nice to have a global, decentralized, reliable cryptocurrencyGlobal domination as in, they hope BTC replaces gold and fiat currencies or something.

endor00: Generally speaking, we try to encourage a healthy dose of skepticism around here. The best way to improve is to challenge your ideas and the things you think you know, to see if you can come up with something better.Given this premise, it's unlikely that you'll find an 'XMR maximalist'

endor00: Personally I would love it if XMR replaced fiat currencies. Not out of a desire for domination, but simply because it's a better technology. Think how many hoops and hassles you have to jump through to open a bank account and send money to someone. Now compare that to scanning a qr code (or using nfc) or copy-pasting a single address

endor00: Free bonus: no surveillance

endor00: No banks using your money as collateral for their investments

endor00: Sounds like a dream to me

endor00: But it comes at a cost: personal responsability. You become the sole owner and responsible for your own money and their security. And I'm not sure most people are ready for that (yet)

endor00: And the path of least effort is to do nothing and stay with the current system (as opposed to learning a few things about a new tech)

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deadliest is kind of... spanish flu: hold my beer

Is the official website wallet safe?

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Amazingk Monero RandomX MegaHashes 😷❤️🙏🏻

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Felipe Fernandes

@FFCosta please no harrassment of the miners

They must secure the network

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Nice, green weekend. Sun is shining even through the clouds in a days like this :)

here... it's just a little darker

weather is awful here in Cambridge

Well.. I meant “crypto-green” :)

in my country its almost always sunny, but its winter now so its cold

yea... 300days sun..., right ?