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Has anyone got a pic of what xmrig looks like when it finds a solo mined block?


XMR Global Hashrate1187.1 MH/s

XMR Global Hashrate1180.5 MH/s

XMR Global Hashrate1160.3 MH/s

and 2 pools take about 369MHs 63% of decentralization

Which is the pool driven by our new “lead-maintainer” by the way?

Xmrpool.cryptosewer.com is a new pool, but you need to use RagerX to mine

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Lets fight the virus while crypto is down

Is xmr stack or cudo miner is profitable for cpu mining

xmrpool.eu is in the thin line of amazingk pool vs gigameg pool

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How mining xmr on pc

Download XMRig, search a pool and follow the instructions. At first you'd need a XMR wallet for an address.

Guys i want a help

Im going to use xmr in first time

As before i was used bitcoin ..now somewhere i want xmr also

Please connect me in

Dob Dobson

XMR Global Hashrate1159.4 MH/s

Who is having success solo mining?


Makes you ponder why you even bothered replying then, right?

makes me wonder the same about you too

The difference is my message actually has meaning

I was just trying to be polite

hence I replied

Well I ask you, out of curiosity, do you sign up to forums and respond to posts that have no relevance to you? With unhelpful comments?

I have seen you asking the same shit here in weeks and always got the same responses, which is either what I just told you or that it is pointless unless you got some serious hw

what part of that exactly can't you understand?