@General_Neo something like that LOL

General Neo
I am one of them. I have 25 cpus mining for a shitty 50Khs average.... 😂

Actually I have bought everything it takes to heat my floors with 10x Xeon servers, but as winter is over - not sure if I’ll ever realize that project :)

If we compare prices for lake heat pump system and monero mining/heating system - it comes monero mining is actually cheaper to set up and (I believe still) more efficient in terms of heat per $ :)

The only problem is.. we build heat pumps for 20+ years. Not sure if RandomX will last that long :)

@adlibzz how do i pull a rig config.json from mmp...i cant find it anywhere

and what size is the partition i need to insert that file...windows updated and i have to use a drive utility to mount the drive

Tell me the reason :)

@adlibzz i have a config.json file from my rig but i switched to ssd...i either didnt put the config.json file in the right partition or i need to generate a new config file

@adlibzz im just asking which partition size to put the config.json i think i have the previos file right because i took it from the usb

From windows or mac

There’s a single available partition when you create the drive

im using Ext2 because windows made it to where you cannot get into drive

The only problem is.. we build heat pumps for 20+ years. Not sure if RandomX will last that long :)

Hmm, Does the hardware last that long. Plus, once the hash rates goes up, they will fork... maybe no more cpu advantage. And CPU becomes obsolete to mine the Algo or any Algo. So 20 years is not feasible. Maybe 5 years.

16mb sound about right...im going to get the drive

Did u use mmp installer?

It’s the right way to get it on ssd I think

With installer

That’s how I did it before

Well, yesterday I found a really great use case for PI4 I bought for storej experiments

It comes it’s freakin easy to set up a nas storage + vpn server on PI

So.. I now have extra 4Tb drive mapped on my MacBook, iPad and iPhone on the go :)

And what’s best (nothing new perhaps) I can play mp3 songs and ripped Blu-Rays directly on iPhone without 3rd party app needed

From storage attached to my pi :)

Isn’t it cool? 😎

If someone has a pi and wants something like that, I can share the steps I made

In next episode I’ll make a full Xmr node on the same pi, So I’ll have tunneled access to to my node from my mobile devices 😎 without ports forwarding and any effort at all :)

Jet to find some nice app for raspbian to replace photos and.. I can live without iCloud :)

Monero 39$ !!!!!!

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Son of Nodes
Corona is here

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i think i have the same motherboard Asus M5A99X R2 ... i have 2 of them