We should see faster memory soon.. if not - I believe we’ll see something like hbm on future CPUs..

..finally we do see a significant memory bottleneck on consumer CPUs

Anyway - current ddr4 standard can’t handle the bandwidth needs, right?

it has enough bandwidth but its memio limited

It is still unknown which is easier task to solve - a CPU with even better memio or a memory with better latency

how to understand james theory

I always heard that bandwidth is infinite and latency is zero


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Never gets old 🤣🤣

Hi, Which is value better for custom-diff in xmrig-proxy and supportxmr pool?

Seems a waste for mining Monero.

its half the price of an epyc.. maybe the amount of cores is overkill and not so much memory capacity but ROI wise.. i would think about it

while a 3970x at half the price easily does 35KH/S

and a 3950x at 37.5% of the cost of a 3970x has been seen inching up towards 20Kh/s

although might be a bit difficult to find

so have been selling at a premium

How much hash would i get for mining with Amd EPYC 7302?

as it has 32x 3.3ghz usable threads

But would like to know comparing 2950x and epyc 7302 which would be the better ones @adlibzz

Technically zen2 epyc 7302 would be better for sure

I'd go with 3900x in this range though

If you’re thinking about mining, zen2 is today’s efficiency king. If you need 16 cores for something els - 3950x is the best CPU you can get today

Okok sure thanks i will rmb it

shiyida: lotus-storage-miner --storagerepo=/media/root/f run

shiyida: lotus-seal-worker --storagerepo=/media/root/f run

Is the cake wallet good to store my coins

I have that already

I downloaded it yesterday

Hello is somebody here good at tweeking a amd 3950x , I have seen benchmarks with 19700 hs with memories slower then mine I have 17500 hs in best scenario, I have enabled huge pages, and run as an admin.,