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The starting difficulty

I don't understand You. talk about that more Please

cannon-c: I have not tried monero mining but have been curious about trying it out.Before randomx if my math was correct, monero had no ROI unless you were some kid with rich parents that paid your electric bill and got you a computer for Christmas.Is it actually profitable now with randomx?

cannon-c: Needs ROI for it to even be worth people's time, it costs electricity and wear and tear on CPU


cannon-c: profitable to mine monero on the Rockpro 64 board?

cannon-c: thats like 6 core cpu that is very power efficient for like $50

cannon-c: I am thinking a cluster of rockpro boards. think would be profitable?

cannon-c: well two cpus on one board, one with 4 cores one with 2

cannon-c: If I get for example 15 boards that would be like $1000 for 90 cores (added another $100 for other hardware )

cannon-c: im just curious how profitable this would actually be on rockpro board

cannon-c: Anyone have any experience with ARM chips? I'd rather avoid intel and AMD if possible since they are backdoored

cannon-c: and I dont want to support evil american tech companies

cannon-c: so gpu still good then huh?

Even if ARMs are power efficient for h264/h265 and some other specific tasks - RAW power and cache makes them a toy for RandomX.


XMR Global Hashrate1314.5 MH/s

We’re waiting a long for profitable mining - who knows.. maybe this bull will bring us something :) Mining isn’t a business - it’s impossible to calculate ROI ;)

"Mining is for suckers"

Sure.. well, while I’m not a sucker - I’m still taking 500+$/xmr in account when counting profitability of my mining.. so I have to say - It have been crazy profitable from the day of the birth of monero till now ;)

Even if I’m dreaming about spending not selling my Xmr savings - the value is still fucking important no matter what other monerians say :)

Tom's Hardware: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X's 64 Cores Overclocked to 5.5 GHz in World Record.

LN2 - very practical

LN2 - very practical

What, you don't keep LN around the house like the rest of us? Psssh!

Best way to make ice cream.

i dont think anyone will be able to buy one for some time..

What would you do with it?

In reality? Probably sit on Telegram all day, while I'm procrastinating on the things that I should be doing.

With 63.8 idling cores 🤣🤣🤣

Nah, I suppose I do run a Monero miner while I'm procrastinating, so the computer isn't totally unproductive, I hoard the full unproductivity for myself.

like 50$ per month before electricity ? xd

50Kh/s or thereabouts

3970x does 36Kh/s or more

Well - it must be the most efficient RX miner, but the fact some folks with cheap power can get the same hash for ~ 600$ from used servers... makes it better for something els :)

Unfortunately CPUs have evolved mostly only in efficiency compared to GPUs in last 10years.

50Kh/s or thereabouts

threadripper 3990x 50khs? 64 cores do that little of a difference?