endor00: Even epyc barely does multisocket configs

endor00: Besides, there's no big mining craze like there was a few years ago to push market demand for it, I doubt any manufacturer would consider it profitable to do the r&d and start manufacturing them

@modul8:matrix.org: ok, yeah i was just wondering how someone would mine monero at scale. cost/footprint wise. enterprise / server hardware is not exactly cheap.

endor00: The main problem I've seen so far is that there are a lot of people with "free electricity"

endor00: That just fucks up the whole mining economy, because if you don't pay for power your H/s/W efficiency is infinite

endor00: Meanwhile, another sucker who pays 0,20 $/kWh can barely be profitable on a 3900X tuned to do more than 100H/s/W

endor00: It would take me 100 months to break even at that efficiency

@modul8:matrix.org: yes the free electric thing is an issue. but i assumed that would be just at the hobby scale until people parents figure out why the electric is high.

endor00: There are also lots of people who mine using free cloud credits - I'm talking 100k$/month, not your shitty 200$ signup bonus or whatever

endor00: Hell, there was one guy here saying he did that just a week or two ago

@modul8:matrix.org: im out of touch obviously :) wish i had a free cloud account

endor00: Correction: not lots of people, but a small group of people with a lot of credits at hand

afternoon friends

Make sure you all keep mining monero as if the world is ending tomorrow 🤪

two times nothing...

So € follows the marathon 😏

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