The worst decision was to reinvest in early 2018 when I built my first and last farm, but even though I ended up positive after selling most of the stuff as I would never sell my crypto to get $ back then :)

Well, he could buy this 2 XMR for 100 Usd

Solo mining is bad ass. total og stuff. it is truly good and wholesome to support projects you believe in also. that’s the only way they survive

Ah good sir you lack the low time preference forward thinking modality, which is that 2 xmr in today’s value is worthless but very soon it’ll be tremendously valuable

Well, certainly I am not selling, but according to my calculations and suggestions I was expecting to mine at least a XMR per month. 2 in 5 months is a big disappointment.

current hash rate of 1135167089 / 15000 * 2 = 105 days or three(+) months

I believe that's the correct formula.. That puts you within range though. Have you made a comparison with pool mining?

I've been running 26Kh for 20 days and counting. no blocks yet


i would consider the mining effort to be an investment that will not materalize for at least 2 years

the hashrate you add to the network is a big part of what will drive price in the future

Well, I hope so.

what is missing is an expansion of spending by xmr users... btc had that in its first years

it was used as a means of payment first.. a speculative vehicle second

and the store of value angle appeared in 2017 id say

I’m truly using monero as a payment as soon as it’s accepted. We have some fast food places here where we can pay with btc or monero made by local hip-hop guy. I’d wish to create an e-store, but it’s still too complicated to make it.. private

Not sure if there’s point to accept monero without any sense of privacy

Let’s survive this crisis first and then build something ;)

jetstreamin: I have $2k --- is it worth it in the short term to mine?

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jetstreamin: I have $2k --- is it worth it in the short term to mine?

right now it is better to just buy xmr with fiat.. but mining is a long term game and its a proactive way to add value to the network instead of just buying and holding

i would maybe consider investing 1k into buying xmr and using 1k to setup a decent miner