for such an experienced c++ developers that system looks...amateurish

Ş̶͝͞T̸̡͢͡ŕ͟i̵͘͝d̨͝é͟ŗ̵̀͡ 🦠
We needs a block,nao

I believe the pool needs a bigger share. Lately we're not averaging. Looking at my energy bill I can better buy moneros at market price. 😒Miner capitulation soon

Huh block of 311% now for the greens! 💪🏻😎

Pool Hashrate32.37 MH/sPool Effort95.17%Last Block FoundAn Hour ...Pool Miners417amazingk ❤️🙏🏻

please support decentralization, and not gigameg pools, there are about 60 pools rolling, and 2(!!) has over 50% of hashrate

why are smaller pools better?

does it earn me more monero

does it earn me more monero

yes, of course there could be 2 or 1 pool(s) to get 100% of all hashrate, wow thats centralization

i support as its in the edge of gigamegs super pools, like 30MHs vs 800MHs

isn't it better to use bigger pools to win more blocka thus earning more monero

and anyway, i Whould Allways challenge gigamegpools with 30MHs, even the opposite whould have over 100x+ more

Global Hashrate1.27 GH/s.. and that is 2 very non-decentralized pools over 50% of it

i whould challenge those odd even with smaller xxMHs ⚔️

let's open own pool lel

Big thanks to you @officialdanilosantiago_fx for helping my family through his good skills of forex trading i invested $4500 it turned $15,320 in 5days thank you again sir

butt... i think that the thing i have helped and been with few of the pools ^^ -with i am STill moar pleased at the edge of the megagigs pool