ooh, lets push together at xmrpool.eu push centraliziation away \o7 🌬

pattottalks: How do i get started

pattottalks: Monero mining,just a newbie on the platform.

i suggest you google a little bit and then come back.

or better duckduckgo it

Space Guide
takes long with I5's :D

I feel your pain. One of my rigs is a i3-3220. 470 hr. Cant overclock

D.A ₿₿₿

XMR Global Hashrate2115.6 MH/s

D.A ₿₿₿

XMR Global Hashrate2068.2 MH/s

crixtnn: hello everybody. I would like to start mining monero in order to pay for my VPN anonymously. how much usd should I expect to make daily on my xps 15 with an i7-6700HQ + GTX 960M?

endor00: Not enough to pay for the mining itself, let alone the vpn

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XMR Global Hashrate1875.1 MH/s

XMR Global Hashrate1839.5 MH/s

Pool Hashrate82.84 MH/sPool Effort57.79%Last Block Found25 Minutes ...Pool Miners456


XMR Global Hashrate1777.1 MH/s

Anyone experienced in VR gaming? My kid seems to be ready and I’m curious what’s today’s hit for VR hardware?

guy got enough coins ?

theres some experimental shit going on

tapping a source of massive cpu power but maybe unstable?

maybe the asic theory is true and someone is testing a new chip design made for randomx.. who knows