" #task Offer type: WORK OFFER" cycle blockchain development position, Privacy-focused [Zero-knowledge proofs or RingCT] Skills/qualifications: Able to develop a blockchain independently. Familiarity with ETH, ZCASH, MONERO, or DASH codebase and principles required. Zero-knowledge proofs OR RingCT expertise required. Work expected to be done: Contribute to the full development process of DAPS, building a privacy coin with RingCT, Masternodes, and the experimental ZK-Stark library. Contribute to crafting the unique Proof-Of-Audit proof-of-work substitute with intended hardcoded features to enable DAPS to be a "trustless" setup with third-party [non-node] chain verification. Method of payment/amount: (XMR) Dependent on experience and previous work. Project is a long term position so expect payments in phases and not in lump sum. In the future DAPS premine/dev fund will be used to compensate or pay developers as well.

IMO, ZCash & DASH - those currencies which can be considered for privacy along with XMR. But again, community should untie BTC and XMR. Monero must go independent and it's rate should not correlate with BTC at all, I know this may sound unrealistic to someone, but in long term - why not? Paying in XMR strengthens XMR, who will argue with that?

I think the points you highlighted are very important as well, so maybe as you said, to add a warning in the pinned message and maybe even add a guide on how to get monero

Definitely. We need to reach more people. Unfortunately we don’t have a marketing department as DASH, so all things we do as a community we must do them for us, the community, but with an open bias to be able to target the other crypto communities as well and hopefully convert some of these users. I found Monero by accident while in a bitcoin community and found it very interesting. If it wasn’t by bitcoin likely I still today wouldn’t be aware of Monero. I am afraid by limiting access/use to other communities we might be losing the option to bring new people aboard. Just my 2 cents 😉