Ive seen a lot happening in the bitcoin space a few years ago when people started hiring people for Bitcoin

I am at technical writer and currently freelance! I am currently writing along with a few others but have contributed to Mastering Ethereum, Mastering Monero and also wrote: Before Bitcoin - historical series (70 minute reading time - longest cryptocurrency series on medium)

I am at technical writer and currently freelance! I am currently writing along with a few others but have contributed to Mastering Ethereum, Mastering Monero and also wrote: Before Bitcoin - historical series (70 minute reading time - longest cryptocurrency series on medium)

Do you have a link for "Before Bitcoin"? Thanks!

Not limited to monero either. The feature currently supports 18 of the top currencies. No longer do you have to wait half an hour and pay a few bucks to send Bitcoin to someone.

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But we shouldn’t make it as a XMR only jobs channel.

Hey, morning, Honesty I would disagree, this is a Monero related channel, for jobs paid in xmr. Accepting other cryptocurrencies defeats the privacy purposes of monero since other coins aren't fungible. There is a risk of users being paid with crypto coming from illegal activities thus bringing the risk of the employee of being held liable for those activities. That's why I consider is important for this group to be xmr only. Because other cryptocurrencies aren't fungible, thus unusable. So I consider we shouldn't encourage the use of other non fungible crypto. I know would be convenient to accept Bitcoin, but convenience is the killer of privacy... Here we care about privacy.

All valid points. But I think you’re missing my point of view. Bringing merchants and businesses aboard is a long term effort. Why not bring all these people already paying in bitcoin, and presenting them to xmr and pointing them to all the benefits of using xmr? Your post could be even adapted to warn of the risks to receive in BTC and suggesting the users to choose always the xmr option. In the end of the day I prefer 10 ads accepting BTC and XMR which can convert 2 users to xmr than have 0 ads using BTC and no conversions.

What worries me is that people usually find it difficult to exit the confort zone, in this situation, Bitcoin confort zone, so out of convenience, they will primarily prefer to use Bitcoin disregarding the privacy aspect. That's why monero is private by default. So that's why I was thinking this transactions to be private by default,

Because otherwise I am worried will happen like zcash, where only a small fraction of users take advantage of the privacy features. This could happen here, out of convenience people will prefer Bitcoin

I think the points you highlighted are very important as well, so maybe as you said, to add a warning in the pinned message and maybe even add a guide on how to get monero

Definitely. We need to reach more people. Unfortunately we don’t have a marketing department as DASH, so all things we do as a community we must do them for us, the community, but with an open bias to be able to target the other crypto communities as well and hopefully convert some of these users. I found Monero by accident while in a bitcoin community and found it very interesting. If it wasn’t by bitcoin likely I still today wouldn’t be aware of Monero. I am afraid by limiting access/use to other communities we might be losing the option to bring new people aboard. Just my 2 cents 😉

Why the hell did they need a Bitcoin clone that used ZkSnarks

Lots of places accepted “bitcoin” but once the fees skyrocketed all the businesses turned their backs on “bitcoin”

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It's not a problem for me, but we should give opportunity to millions of potential Monero users!!

The infrastructure around monero is built by existing users. It is also funded by existing monero users. If xmr price goes up there is more money in the monero ecosystem and people can build businesses. That is what happened with many early bitcoiners. They got rich and started a bitcoin business.

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Anyone want iguana meat: 0.3 XMR per pound

Try the "Bitcoin carnivores", they are sure to happily take this off your hands

Bitcoin will always be Bitcoin and Monero is just Monero

#Proposal Area of the proposal: Education. Project Idea: Monero Udemy Course Series Human resources/Skills required: A technically knowledgeable person who can explain monero well using audio and powerpoint. Monetary resources required: None Other requirements: The course must fit the Udemy criteria below. Details: The idea is to create a free Udemy course about Monero that would be the basic/ recommended knowledge for a Monero user. Guidelines on how to create a course are here: Inspiration:

What’s so funny? Genocide is funny?

Its as if i put bitcoin c ash or bcash in my name and you get triggered. Or trump’s picture.

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You know you should change it. Dont give me silly answers...

It just shows how silly it is that people on the internet always get triggered by bcash, bitcoin cash, no2x, trump, hillary and all other kinda of words or symbolics and get angry and make snap judgements based on perception

Right now, bitcoin is ... rigidly enforcing culture to a degree that's perversely restricting many forms of immigration. I don't think this is a viable strategy for bitcoin.

well you model things with a simple GUI.Just a textarea box to write the [address amount] each on a separate lineSame as the Pay to Many feature in the electrum bitcoin walletEverything on one python3 pyQt5 GUI

Please read again the pinned message and compose the message according to the requirements. This one doesn't make any sense

Bitcoin Ace didn't know exactly what he wanted.I clarified two possible avenues. He can now either rewrite the task with the new information. Or go with the existing option of using the transfer command with multiple [address amnt]

The scope would be:- a python3 pyqt5 app.- One screen to add a wallet.- main screen.would be like the electrum's Pay to Many dialogApp would look like electrum bitcoin wallet- platform is only linuxThis is what i could offer

My experience is with Bitcoin, and I noticed the exchanges do a mass pay...

So why are you saying that's the flaw of web wallets?

lets say the coder is the dodgiest mofo out there. Bitcoin Ace Ventura asks for a web site to send pay to many transactions.What is to stop the author from completely gaming that system?

The VDS Full Nodes Have Finished Block Synchronization Here’s How to Calculate the Resonance V-Pool Conversion Ratio Whitepaper has collected 1,150 Bitcoin! 150 Bitcoin rewards are guaranteed for the Genesis Game!!! is VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start

Only thing I’m good at is engaging with people and helping people. Like I moderate a 125k member group called Bitcoin Community. So I’m always posting educational articles, writing on my blog /‘d stuff like that. Need me to moderate, manage a community, do customer service type work then I’m down

#taskOffer type: WORK OFFERSkills/qualifications required: C, Rust, php, knowledge of Safenetwork technology. Understanding regards to crypto payment integrations such as monero and bitcoinWork expected to be done:Marketplace script in Rust or C.Details:Payment amount in XMR: $4000 in XMR

That was off bitcointalk though

Hello everyone, anyone able to develop a telegram shop bot for coin? Needs to support bitcoin payments and some other related features

#workerOffer type: WORK REQUEST.Skills: Technical Analysis & Trading Private Class via Skype.You will learn how to interpret price charts using technical analysis and place trades in the market.Examples of markets: FX, Gold, Commodities, Bitcoin.I will cover price action trading (with minimal use of indicators) and classical chart patterns. You can use what you learn to trade most markets.Some examples of what you will learn:1) How to spot trends and reversals2) How to enter trends3) Which tools to use to interpret the market4) Drawing Support and resistance zones.5) Common pitfalls and mistakes of trading and technical analysis6) Risk management7) Help you build a trading plan8) General lifestyle advice about trading as a career and business.I will recommend you tools and resources to take advantage of and tips based on my 7+ years of experience in technical analysis and trading.Chart Analysis:*Classical Chart patterns -Reliable chart patterns that have worked for almost a century and have been successfully used by professional traders. We will use Richard Schabacker's "Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits" method to study chart patterns.*Price action- Understanding what is happening with price through impulsive and corrective moves, types of trends, reversals, and candlesticks.*We will use the tradingview platform to do chart analysis.*I can adjust the teaching style to your level.I can also advise you on specific trading opportunities during lessons, analyze charts together, give recommendations and share anything I've learned over the years.Pm for more info.Payment amount in XMR: 1 XMR/hour (discounts for 5,10 or more lessons apply).