I joined because I was curious. Did you troll that guy? Because there is almost nobody here

no I didnt troll...

I was like... you could try it but then was like it doesnt exist

so i created it

Ah okay. You going to build this up?

There is nothing to build really, just promote it once in a while

could help us grow the economy

supply and demand baby

if theres no interest it will just die off

Yeah. I certainly wouldn’t mind hiring free lancers and pay them with monero

its more interesting cause it helps build the ecosystem around monero, instead of speculation or trollboxing

As I mentioned previously, fraud is my biggest concern especially in this case

cause monero is untraceable

Yeah. We need a way to vet people or someone trusted to act as escrow

But, I personally wouldnt mind promoting it as a jobs thing for anything XMR or Monero related

so, paying in Eth, BCH, LTC or whatever would be fine IMO

cause if you want traceablility for fraud reasons its fine

the purpose would just be to grow the ecosystem around monero

Im gonna post it to reddit soon along with the concept

I mean, There is no better way to market it i think

if I put Monero work, it will sound lame

I meant, are you suggesting changing the title?

I'm not good at naming

ok, whatever lets keep it Monero Jobs for a while at least

its good clickbait

Here it is, boys!

Ive seen a lot happening in the bitcoin space a few years ago when people started hiring people for Bitcoin

Maybe the same could take off for monero... i dont know

Any ideas how i could promote this?

hey interesting concept, ill be lurking a bit :)