Abend Jungs , habt Ihr Erfahrung mit cryptocurrency Debit card ? Empfehlung oder eigene Erfahrung wären schön 🙏

for shure?
nuclear fusion gold cryptocurrency - Google Search

ich bin somit der erfinder der idee:"gold backed cryptocurrency with cold fusion POW".

kann dir ja schlecht jetzt schon die ganzen credits geben. sonst wirst du noch faul was "gold backed cryptocurrency with cold fusion POW" angeht

ich will die fressen der bitcoin maximalisten sehen:"we are announcing the world's first gold backed cryptocurrency. where we actually REALLY mine for something. GOLD. in the cold fusion process. every coin issued is backed 1:1 to the world's gold!"

kek 1002 nachrichten in 13h

lies mal alles! da ist sogar eine neue erfindung für ne cryptocurrency dabei!!!

ich glaube, die cold fusion created gold backed cryptocurrency idee wird fürimmer theorie bleiben!

Pͧͣa͆̚҉̘̻uͬ̉l͑̐ J̄ͮa̔̽n͂͗oͮ͂w͆̃i̔̀tͨ̂ź̚
lol ok, schaue da nicht alle 10 minuten nach...
Iota now banning people for anything negative said on the sub

All the components of Trezor devices that protect the user's cryptocurrency funds are entirely transparent. Any developer can read and verify what the device does.

JACC = Just Another Cryptocurrency

Aber für Cryptocurrency benutzten wollen sie es trotzdem nicht

Ja meine eher das Cern als ganze hat scih dagegen entschieden cryptocurrency zu minnen

Matti ⏳
Wenn ich jemandem in Netz komplett anonym Monero als bezahlung für was schicke, warum sollte er sein Produkt zu mir schicken :D
du kannst deine zahlung kryptografisch beweisen

"In other embodiments, a series of vectors may be produced by sampling over time when user 145 is performing the task(s). The data of the body activity (e.g. voxels of a brain image) and/or the vectors (or embeddings) may generate a“proof of work” and be transmitted to cryptocurrency system/network 150"

"A cryptocurrency system, comprising: one or more processors; and memory storing executable instructions that, if executed by the one or more processors, configure the cryptocurrency system to: communicate with a device of a user; receive body activity data which is generated based on body activity of the user, wherein the body activity is sensed by a sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user; verify if the body activity data of the user satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system; and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified."

"There are two major digital entities on the Tari network: the coins that are the unit of transfer for the Tari cryptocurrency, and the digital assets that could represent anything from tickets to in-game items."
THESE: Monero ist ein Shitcoin.

ergo: the cryptocurrency world is a shitshow
Man könnte sowas machen wie purse.ioAlso ich möchte 20€ BTC kaufen. Dann bekomm ich vom Bot einen Link wo ich einen 25€ Gutschein, Key o.ä. bezahlen muss bei oder so. Der Gutschein wird dann gegen BTC verkauft.

"When you shop on Purse your order is matched with an Earner. Earners own Amazon giftcards and will complete your order in return for your cryptocurrency. Shoppers enjoy a discount for providing this opportunity while Purse ensures this process is smooth and frictionless. By paying with cryptocurrency, Shoppers get a discount and Earners cash in their gift cards."interessantes konzept.