Is rocketpool admin here?

2% fee. Not 0%

У нас вообще другой порт) конкуренты не дремлят

Funny. You deleted my post in your telegram. And changed your API port to 8892 now. Your obvious. 😜don't worry. They have seen it already before you changed it. Good thing you made the fee 0% again 😂

I think I had read the pool owner's explanation about that. Nethash is only calculated from previous blocks if the pool suddenly rises in hash then that wont be included in the calculation of the nethash. Nethash is just an estimation based on block times of previous blocks its not computed on real time.

Кажется, я прочитал объяснение владельца бассейна. Nethash рассчитывается только из предыдущих блоков. Если пул внезапно встает в хэш, тогда это не будет включено в расчет nethash. Nethash - это просто оценка, основанная на блочных временах предыдущих блоков, которые не вычисляются в реальном времени.

Beware with rocketpool. The owner is taking all the rewards. Edited the fee and changed it to 100% 🤣

Worse than the cheating that happened before. 2% instead of 1%. He changed it to 1% after getting caught. Now it is 100% 😂

He blocked me on his channel. 🙄

I copied this from a previous post from another group: "For the cryptonote pools just add config.js to the pool url and you will see the api url For other pools you need to check the page source and find the api. The easiest way is to install fiddler on your browser or any similar plugin so you can see the requests made by the browser."

His miners should transfer to baikal or other pools.

The one with 6kh transferred already. 😂

His pool is now removed from recommended and pinned post of Monero V said the XMV admin/dev