work Последние новости: Dear traders, we will perform maintenance works to support the Monero fork. Therefore, payins and payouts for Monero will be unavailable starting approximately from 09:00 UTC 6 April 2018, and until the maintenance is over.

Height 1'564'021 Network hashrate 506'110'373 H/sec

"5.859375% of the total supply of MoneroV coins, using it to enhance the development of all future works"

"5.859375% of the total supply of MoneroV coins, using it to enhance the development of all future works" — как понимать эту фразу?

Gl MO: Please be patient guys. Team is working to release wallet and blockchain today

704.77 KH/sec Network Hashrate

почему такой странный на лифе 28.42 MH/sec Network Hashrate

A quick guide on how to claim your MoneroV wallet: 1) get your 25-word long mnemonic seed ready (if you used Monero's GUI/CLI wallet or or wallet's public address, private view key and private spend key ready (if you used e.g. MyMonero) 2) download MoneroV wallet from and launch it 3) on the welcome screen, choose 'Restore wallet from keys/seed' 4) on the next screen fill in all the non-optional fields (i.e. your XMR wallet's mnemonic seed, or prulic address, private view and private spend key) 4b) Btw, you can only enter first three letters of each mnemonic seed's word to save on time 5) enter a password to protect your new wallet (can be the same as for XMR or different) 6) leave all the other setting as they are (make sure you're on the mainnet) and click 'Use MoneroV' 7) once the wallet will sync with the network, your XMV balance will appear That's it. Nothing to it, really!

Dimus (Дмитрий)
testnet выбирать? или что?

Еще раз проверьте основные настройки. Проверьте Ваши настройки. Убедитесь, что подключены к основной сети ("Network type: Mainnet") и нажмите на кнопку "Use MoneroV" в правом нижнем углу экрана, чтобы получить доступ к кошельку.

#xmvnews В связи с распространением слухов о связях пула с командой разработчиков MoneroV сообщаю. Быстрый старт указанного пула обусловлен исключительно находчивостью и знаниями его администраторов. Все пулы получают одинаковую методическую поддержку от разработчиков. Официальный пул, развернутый командой разработчиков - Действия, которые Вы приписываете команде (предоставление преимущественного положения дескредитирует проект и повышает риски децентрализации сети на ее старте, и подобное решение никогда не могло быть принято командой MoneroV. Финансовый мотив, который также многие приписывают, также исключен. Так как фонд развития проекта, находящийся в распоряжении команды, составляет 5.859375% от вознаграждения со всех намайненных блоков, и иные средства команде не требуются. Цитата из дорожной карты: "The first block that will be mined on the MoneroV blockchain will have a customized coinbase transaction amount that will allow the development team to mine it in a controlled manner, using it for future development of MoneroV. The MoneroV development team will manage 5.859375% of the total supply of MoneroV coins, using it to enhance the development of all future works."

Guys! I found a fast sync way of blockchain. Its works fine for me. If you have full blockchain of Monero. Just create a copy of monero blockchain and use it as a folder of blockchain for monerov. I just do that. Monerov daemon rollback transaction before the fork and download new chain.

Да, под адресом выдаёт: Network type: Mainnet, два Associated public keys и сообщение Transactions: Sorry, its not possible to find txs associated with normal addresses in MoneroV

2.87 MH/sec Network Hashrate

Guys how would you like to participate in one the largest ICOs next month raising 30 million for healthcare. They have a working thing just now have been approached by several VCs to buy in and might if we work hard at it accept XMV for payment.Thats all I can say just now as things are not fully finalised yet,but thought I would run it past you.

В целом будеттак? адрес[email protected]

We're working on it together with the MoneroV team - please, wait

Suggest pools from lowest to highest hashrates: Lets get 100 KH/s on each pool ASAP. This will let each pool find a block every 20 minutes, decreasing maturity time and speeding up payments and most importantly..... Decentralize the mining of XMV!!! Let us work together and do our part to help XMV become adopted, and a success for the benefit of us all. Thank you.

Добрый вечер, коллеги. Помогите подключить к сети кошелёк. Network status пишет Disconnected.

#xmvnews Информация о последних улучшениях, исправлениях багов и планах по сохранению алгоритма V7 уже опубликована!

XMV is in the process of listing at the moment. Our team is currently working on distribution of several forks and airdrops. Please note that this process may take some time for us. So, if you're waiting for a distribution - please be assured that it will take place eventually. Regards, Emiliana Bracco HitBTC Support Team

Cast XMR - high speed CryptoNight miner for RX Vega GPUs 1.5.0 it is not working

Уважаемые друзья, нужна помощь. Не могу вывести монеты с кошелька, Network status DISCONNECTED

Monero Under Increased Risk of 51% Attack, Warns Binance Report!The hard fork MoneroV is released to stop spam attacks on the network and prevent ASIC miningThe hard fork will knock out ASIC miners on the Monero network

6.56 MH/secNetwork Hashrate

Network will upgrade to cuckarood29v pow at height 20000 (~ dec 29th