thanks for the info

yeah, and you can expect, that there will be other options popping up in the future

Hello everyone, I have a question, does the priority of the transaction increase the anonymity of the transaction or not?

I was wondering if i invest in monero and the government doesn t know about how much exactly i have invested cant they wright me up for living a lifestyle inconsistent with stated income

how does that work exactly then if monero is totally anonymous and you cant buy things with it with out raising red flags

then I dont know

But if you want to bypass the “where does the money comes from” question, you can make the tx look like donations

actually the blog

but this is basically just money laundering honestly lol

Yes, its also translated to self defense (or legitimate defense) against a criminal organization known as the State

the only way i could think of that would be a pretty good way is just not flaunt any of the stuff i buy

if they dont know where any of it came from but i still report it is it clean then?

and transfer it another and say some random person transfered it to me then the i would have a legitimate reason to say to the government

but i guess it still defeats the purpose of monero

i guess not since the transactions are still anonymous

I just need to buy in a telegram, are there such services?

help guys don’t come to the Gul wallet, I don’t understand at all what can be done, answer who it was

But if you want to bypass the “where does the money comes from” question, you can make the tx look like donations

There are no tax exemptions for open source software "donations" in the united states. Donations are taxed as income

The purpose here is not to avoid Income tax

Hi everyone!Does anybody know if monero dot org is “the official” Monero website? I am a little bit confused as I see some implicit commercial ads there.

Why is the hashrate so high

hashrate to the moon? why?🔥

no theories why hash doubled up??

no theories why hash doubled up??

the only reason is many machine come in.(100000+

he made the pool.

why isnt the other one flagged as fake?

couldnt they become a partner or something?

Please be accountableThe hash speed is exploding!