I don't use Ethereum.

No, I don't give a shit about Ethereum.

Any kid knows ethereum is 0x69696969

I have never had an Ethereum wallet.

Is there a total supply for xmr or is it right now like ethereum? Open mineable?

If you mine monero you mine with amd so the natural change is ethereum that is well mined by amd

Hey, look... I have Ethereum, but Zilliqa offers SHARDING! Let me buy that!!! :)

Monero is a cryptocurrency with a primary focus is privacy and fungibility. Most existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of their derivatives, have transparent blockchains, meaning the transactions are openly verifiable and traceable by anyone in the world. In the event that a receiving address is linked to a person's real-world identity, anyone is able to see an incredible amount of information about that address, including: how much the address currently has, how much the address has ever had, every transactions - both incoming and outgoing - that has ever happened with this address. And if someone is able to deduce the identities of who you've interacted with, then they start seeing a very clear picture (i.e. Doug sent 1 BTC to James). This is the equivalent of posting your bank statements online for anyone to view every month.But you don't have to take my word for it, I encourage you to go to the "Contributing Page" of the Monero website ( and take the BTC donation address listed there (1KTexdemPdxSBcG55heUuTjDRYqbC5ZL8H) and put it in a block explorer ( You will see how much money is in the Monero BTC donation address wallet ( and every transaction it's ever had, including who sent the money. Now imagine this is you, your funds, your privacy!That's the key word here: privacy! Most people think privacy is just for criminals, but this isn't true. Everyone desires privacy. You close the door when you use the restroom, not because you're doing evil things, but because you want privacy for what you do in there. BUT, you COULD be making a bomb in there for all we know, so maybe that's a reason to ban closing the doors when you use the toilet? Of course not! That's a stupid argument. The same is true with financial privacy. Just because somebody COULD do something bad with their private money, doesn't mean we should take the option of privacy away from everyone. If you're still not convinced, then my challenge is for you to post your bank statements online for everyone to say. Not just the bank accounts you want people to know, but any secret credit card, Paypal accounts, or any other money transmitter. Post them for us to look at and laugh at. See what you buy. Nobody has yet completed this challenge, because we all value our privacy.Now we finally get to Monero. Monero sees the great things that Bitcoin offers, things such as immutability, decentralization, and censorship resistance. Things that are made possible by blockchain. Monero sees these things and thinks they are good, but sees how detrimental the lack of privacy can be, so it decides to fix that problem. Using various privacy technologies (RingCT, Ring signatures, and stealth addresses), Monero obfuscates and encrypts the information on the blockchain, so only those who are involved in a transaction can see what is going on. Every other passive observer of the blockchain is clueless. More technical information about how Monero works on a deep level is available at various Monero resources, but this is out of the scope of this report for now.The last thing to cover is this word fungibility. Now you may have heard this word once or twice, but most people don't know what it means. Fungibility is basically that one of something is worth the same as another of that same something. Still confused? Here's an example to clear things up. If I have one dollar, and you have one dollar, and then we exchange dollars (meaning I give you mine and you give me yours), then even though we now have different bills, we still both have one dollars worth of dollars. Even though there was an exchange of bills there was not an exchange of value. Well duh! That seems so obvious, but the same is not true of Bitcoin, and here's why:

Or does it have its own language like ethereum?

i just dont get why ethereum has the best developers pretty much in blockchain but they still promise things that they dont deliver

thats most people that are new to crypto...i had a buddy whos dad got in and bought a bunch of ethereum and xrp in january 2018...he is all pissed he lost so much

ive a BTC guy by heart but i like monero...and ive had high hopes for ethereum but hasnt been working out

i am 80 percent btc 15 percent xmr and 5 percent ethereum...but i only have ethereum because i havent traded it for btc or xmr yet...mining rewards

Sid 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
What got you interested my friend?

A friend got me to look at mining, and by chance, Monero was vert profitable so I investigated it and found I could understand how it worked and why that was useful. So I came for the mad gainz and stayed for the tech. My friend was into Ethereum. I never did understand anything beyond the 3 well-known usecases of ETH

With current price of monero I'm expecting the same

crazy things could happen though...remember what happened with gpus when ethereum went crazy? anything can happen...who knows maybe the new algo will be incredibly profitble and everyone will clear the shelves of AMD processors

great coins fall while shitcoins rise up in market cycles...i do not consider ethereum as a shitcoin has brought allot of transparency to crypto

And Ethereum dApps with Tor.

People sold ethereum at 20$ but it hit 1400$

Ubechu Dominic
I want to invest in btc But public ledger is public

@RevolverZZ do you know how many empty promises i have heard from coins? do you think ethereum will actually implement 2.0 this year?

try downloading a damn ethereum node LOL not gonna happen

one of the reasons i dont like ethereum...if everyone cant download the blockchain on a descent home computer then how the hell are the nodes decentralized?

same with ethereum as well

heard that my friend...heard that...its gotta be someone new to the space or like i was saying someone paid by beam idk...i was all into ethereum when i started mining but i was nowhere close to that dudes enthusiasm towards a shitcoin...i learned more as i went and now i only hold coins i think are actually good or have very good use cases

lets say i send you ethereum and you look up the address i sent it from and i am not smart enough to have multiple addresses? you can see exactly what i have and where ive sent it...this is not true for monero

if you want my honest opinion the way i invest in crypto is less risky as most people in different alt portfolio consists of about 85% bitcoin right now and 5% monero that i hold when i mine it. the other 10 % is mined ethereum that gets traded for btc when the price swings in eths favor. to be honest i do not even like eth as a project i just use it as a utility to gain profits and DCA into the market at a lower cost. i do not liquidate my monero into btc because i feel it is a great project and it is the OG at being anonymous. that is my opinion and i encourage you to gain the opinions of others as well Le