Who wants Dash 😂😂😂🤣

If you would like dash in return let me know 😉

Hi All,I am in search of full privacy for a high value transaction. Dash and Zcash did not sound as reliable to me as monero. What is the most trusted option for a monero wallet?

Which one will be the king of private coin? Monero or Dash? Or...?

For now Dash can be spent via Visa, but Xmr

Can someone in a nutshell tell me the difference between Monero and BTC, dash etc? How can Monero be spent?Is this the official Monero Telegram channel?

So I don’t see why Monero cannot be listed on Coinbase when dash and zcash is.If coinbase sees enough retweets they will list, they want liquidity on their exchange and we all want adoption for Monero right?

Do you think it's worth trading monero for Dash? just to make a trade? because the price of Dash for the first time is below the price of monero, and also with the aim that the dash already costs usd 1500 dollars and monero usd 500? Then I would go back to Monero to get more coins.

DASH Price:$50.56(¥ 355.6997) 24H Change:-3.93% 【2019-11-26 09:57:02 GMT+8】

I just traded all my xmr coins for Dash. expecting an overvaluation of this currency so i switch back to xmr

I did this because Dash is a more expensive currency and has always been ahead of xmr in terms of price, now that it is the same value I took the opportunity when she goes up I change again to xmr.

Why not buy something even lower in price than dash though?

i'm not speculating, i just want to earn more xmr coins, i don't like dash it's only temporary to get xmr faster

I don't even waste my time thinking about how overvalued it is

Don't bash until you understand the Cybersecurity Triad: 1. Bitcoin - Integrity, 2. Monero - Confidentiality, 3. Dash - Availability.

I recently made this post (see asking about when Vaultoro ( would accept Monero (XMR), and I expressed surprise that they currently accept Dash which is considered by many to be a scam (see thread).Unfortunately the Dash shills are emerging to pump their instamined scamcoin. Let's work together as a community to refute the lies from the Dash community and encourage Vaultoro to accept Monero instead.

Surprised monero didnt jump like dash and zcash

Dash passed Monero. They are superior.

Dash , Zcash x3, when Xmr?

I know DASH has a mixer in it's wallet. But I do not think Monero does. Monero does not need it because it is private without a mixer, right?

Why does DASH need a mixer? Does it lack the privacy that Monero has?

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Why does DASH need a mixer? Does it lack the privacy that Monero has?

I predict that in the future, people will dump the other coins like DASH etc. in favor of Monero.

ከፍተኛ የግላዊነት ሳንቲሞች እና ቀላቅሎች በትክክል ለምን ያህል ጊዜ ያገለግላሉ? - የ XMR ፣ DASH እና ZEC ን ይመልከቱ
John chill, please change your stance from now on
Here's something to meditate on :)

Take for example the Dash wallet, than you'll see what I mean.

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Take for example the Dash wallet, than you'll see what I mean.

Dash is snakeoil. Use at your own risk. They may seem flashy but that's up to you.

So you made your decision, why did you prefer Monero over Darkcoin aka Mr.Dash haha besides community wise.

DarkCoin/Dash/x11 coin was a fork of Bitcoin, (a public ledger that isn't fungible). Monero was forked off of Bytecoin(while Bytecoin isn't something I recommend the crypto note protocol what it was based off of, is better technology in concern with privacy).

As far as marketing is concerned, I worry that Darkcoin/Dash is just about it's old schemes of pump and dumping. The developers have an economic incentive to put outlandish claims out there since they have a huge stake in the game. In contrast, the Monero developers had to mine like anyone else to get their pay. They did it because they believed in the idea, not because of payday per-se.

So apparently that 20% probability won, I'm staying with Monero.Dash is far faster tho, block times 2.5 minutes. So instead of waiting 25 minutes on Monero you wait 2.5 minutes on Dash, 10× faster. And if you use InstaSend it settles in less than 2 seconds completely!! But...Altho Monero is slower I've chosen it over Dash, because absolute Privacy is Key. Dash uses coinmix which basically scrambles many transactions with others people so as to cover it and confuse people who want to track it down, but it's STILL there, so finding it isn't impossible. Monero is completely private, Monero's "competition" was mainly Zcash but Zcash has fallen into a ruinous pile of rubble, so hey the road is clear for a completely private cryptocurrency, Monero gives you back your Freedom.

Dash= Higher speed performance Monero=Completely Private Digital CashI choose Privacy. And Dash does have flaws like premine and limited privacy. Just absolute privacy from Monero is what I like and here's the kicker; after analyzing Monero I've noticed that you can give your portfolio the right chemistry mix with Monero if you pick the right coins or if you happen to have them, something that Dash could not do.

I love both Dash and Monero

Both of them are "digital cash" Dash can be "private " Monero is always private. But meh, over privacy I think Monero will take the win, over just "cash spending " I wouldn't go for Monero or Dash for that matter but Bitcoin Cash instead, Dash and Bitcoin Cash really are good for Cash.