I need to learn something about cryptocurrency

@LaoLins Thank you for asking me randomly in PM of I "know cryptocurrency". I have a black belt in Blockchain, and a Layman's Degree in scammer detection.

Overview of the Monero cryptocurrency, who is the creator of the company and why newcomers use the coin. Key features and comparison with major competitors. The possibility of mining and on which exchange to buy coins. The press release is written in Russian.

Link ?

Grin cryptocurrency developers received an anonymous donation to the development fund in the amount of 50 bitcoins (a little less than $ 440 thousand). ... This is what we now reward you with these donations so that you can freely work on Grin. Without economic dependencies, ”the unknown said.

Article showing, German banks start trading cryptocurrency from 2020

Ok. So, SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. We provide an opportunity to make swaps of XMR with the most comfortable rates and conditions.XMR is already listed on our service. We could make a twitter post about the fact we support MXR and our team would appreciate if Monero twitter share it

taxes regarding cryptocurrency, that is. Not in general.

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and how u guys think about the xmr coin guture

A lot of the people here believe it is the only sensible cryptocurrency since it provides good fungibility.Nobody knows what the future price will be.

But i2p and tor is somewhat supported

Oh. Hmmm... dang. I'll have to figure out how to use those. Thanks MolokaiHex! Trying to get up to speed with cryptocurrency. I really liked Monero's privacy/anon/fungibility aspects. Kovri seemed like the last piece of the puzzle.

Anyone want to take a quiz again this week? It's a fun time with good cryptocurrency questions!
I found a website that says Monero has 4 TPS capacity, is that true?

If cryptocurrency have no privacy, credit cards is better than it.

Monero is the premier private and fungible cryptocurrency, and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future

From Mastering Monero: This "built-in inflation" feature is often overlooked or misunderstood. It is also one of the many features that makes Monero more suitable to replace fiat cash than any other cryptocurrency. Here is why: In both local and global fiat economies, mild, predictable inflation is actually a good thing. Mild, predictable inflation 1) ensures demand for products (I want to buy it now when it will be cheaper than later), and 2) protects against rapid deflation (the value of my money is quickly dropping). A sub-1% perpetual inflation is arguably more secure, stable, and protective than any current or historical examples of fiat currency.

Hello Community !I'm a representative of a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange !Please reference me to a person who is in charge of listing !I have an exclusive proposal and partnership opportunities 🤝

Coin Collector, Ph.D., Th.D, S.Sc.D., D.M.D, J.S.D.... B.S....LOL
Why does DASH need a mixer? Does it lack the privacy that Monero has?