lol, "only way is up"? I guess you haven't been around crypto much!

Naeem Malik
Need to see $120+

Pray for cryptocurrencies regulation then

Monero follows anarchist crypto policy

Bitcoin and other transparent crypto will be affected

Rahrar and the guys attend on Crypto conferences and stuff though

Try googling for Private crypto

Sure, anyone can purchase on speculation if you want. I think regularfish means that the intent of the project isn't just to make a quick buck. Ideally monero thrives but like all crypto at this point in time, they may go to zero.

The law itself is a human freedomBut sometimes the law is not applied properly or an incorrect rule is passed a revelation , Bitcoin reformed the law and show the rhight lawBut was the purpose of this revolution to facilitate the work of criminals?!If someone steals your wallet on the street and enter a houseShouldn't the police be able to enter that house and get your money back?

The law is made by people not living in the same "world" / surroundings as the every day person in my personal view. This new revolution with crypto does create new challenges! As a transaction can not be reverted. people need to take personal security measures. So: Who do you know that goes around with his life savings in his pocket?

I am a beginner in cryptocurrency mining ... so ... I would like to know what is the best way to get legal money with cryptocurrencies?

@DJEoceanskyearth it really depends on where you live and what’s available to you. You can go through KYC or non-KYC. I’d recommend non-KYC exchanges like Bisq or LocalMonero, though they have a bit of a learning curve and it can be intimidating at first glance. There’s lots of people in the crypto space that’d be more than happy to walk you through, and there’s guides available for practically every platform, so you can find one that suits your needs the best. If Monero’s price skyrockets again (and there’s no doubt on my mind that it will), I recommend exchanging to a stable coin like tether, so that even when prices go back down, you’ll still have the same amount. You can then convert that back to the cryptocurrency of your choice and trade non KYC that way. That’d be my recommendation! Again, laws and what’s available around you will depend.

Hello. There is air drop on the Internet, they distribute free cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 8. Who needs a link I can give, write in response "aaa"

Hi guys. a question!I have an xmr wallet in the dark net, and there is a wallet and there is a regular crypto wallet. question: can I transfer from an ordinary wallet to the wallet number that is in the dark net?help!

There are many, usually the rate, the processing fee is relatively high

so what's not high? I feel this is still a huge barrier to entry in crypto

BTC is already pretty old. It won't grow so much anymore, there is a limit

Old, slow, traceable and scuffed. It was a good start of crypto but it will die

As I remember by a research I have done years ago. Every crypto coin has a limitation of created units (BTC is around 6 mln/bln.. don't remember). And the units are created constantly becoming always much more valuable because harder to mine

So makes sense to invest on a young crypto coin for a future

Shill their defi when it’s implemented, till then be muted about it

Even if it is implemented. This is Monero channel. No need to discuss other projects. I was just doing a research and I wanted to see the uniqueness in a product from their potential users. That's why my question what the other options are now.But again. We are in crypto. You are either a shiller or a fudder.

I want to get back into crypto

no other crypto has the level of privacy & fungibility

All cryptos are scams 😄

Jose Herrera Cordova
All cryptos are scams 😄

same if you using crypto and crypto is scam = YOU ARE SCAMMER 😂😂😁

so im kinda new to the whole crypto world

friends, can you please suggest services for exchanging cryptocurrencies in telegram, I need to change btc to monero thanks in advance