Delete blockchain and start from scratch

the blockchain is stored at /Users/YourName/.bitmonero/lmdb/

the blockchain is stored at /Users/YourName/.bitmonero/lmdb/

Can I not uninstall the whole thing? I can't find the blockchain fil eon my mac

Google around and you will find how to find path for blockchain on mac

Hello, please help.I don’t know where to turn, support - Not supportI used a web wallet and there were no problems.I sent a 30 coin xmr but now I go to my wallet and shows 0 balance and does not show synchronization with the blockchain.I beg you not to troll and try to help me

Looks like we never withdraw. There is always error showing. I regret using ledger to store xmr

Ledger works fine. There are however a few things about Monero that can trip people up.Note: you can also generate the monero seed from the Ledger seed if you want to skip the Ledger altogether - but that is far less secure.Try using e.g. Monerujo + Ledger + remote node. You still need to scan the blockchain to see your transactions and xmr balance. Ensure the Ledger is on latest firmwareEnsure the Ledger has the latest version of the Monero app installed

I have a problem with creating monero wallet on whonix. I don’t want to download all monero blockchain and want to use remote nodes, but when i choose this way and try to create a wallet there is a message says monero wallet can’t be created. What remote nodes should be used, any instructions? Or maybe i have to do other preparations?

I’m want to start solo mining on my Mac just for the sake of it learn how to do it but I’m kinda lost and need some help. I have the GUI and downloaded the blockchain.raw. Where do I go from here?

Why is no country implementing a public blockchain to audit tax expenditures?

hi. what is usage of "view key" in monero blockchain?

hi i have a question, now im running monerod prune blockchain, what will happen if i run monerod without --prune-blockchain?will my lmdb reset?

Sorry, didn’t check the blockchain, was just reporting secondhand info

I also redownloaded The Blockchain in The past days but my transactions wont Show Up

Could it be possible that the problem has something to so with the --prune-blockchain startup flag ?

Because i did prune my blockchain some weeks ago and my transactions we're there before

We want monero to be used in retail stores in a similar way to alipay and wechat in china so I guess making the speed quicker would help normal people give a shit

Just a thought - I haven't looked too deeply into the compatibility but could Monero benefit from a similar blockchain architecture as Cypherium? They seemed to have solved scalability/speed issue without compromising security and decentralization - thereby achieving instant finality of transactions. If Monero is able to adoptna similar architecture it'd have all of the above - plus anonymity/privacy.

It does seem it is very private but how does it compare to something like bitcoin

Bitcoin has a transparent Blockchain, which means if you say “I'm the owner of X address” the Gov can trace all your previous and future transactions (including how much/the amounts)