Any advice would be great

Kim O is a scammer

How's life in Nigeria? @Kim_O11

Its nigerian slang according to

I would like to buy some MONERO

what is the process please

I would like to buy some MONERO

Dont get scammed. Scammers are lurking in this group

HUGE SHORT on XMR 79.8USDT enter

🥱 shall we squeeze him out

yes yes tell this rising wedge after Divergence at high TF.

What you told I will try now

Poll to choose the CLSAG logo:

Puh Good that the master lock one did not gain traction, probably the most pickable lock in the world

That model especially looks like one that is opened using a soda can

Nice to join here after a long gap of 2 years.

I want to get back into crypto

So first thing for me to look for monero

I would like to ask if mining montero is profitable rn?

And can I do it on a windows 10 lap with basic spec

Cpu algo mining preferred

While someone answers this I'll go through the group

Mridul kaimal
I would like to ask if mining montero is profitable rn?
you can look up the hashrate for your hardware here then calculate your mining rewards here

Thanks I'll check it out

Is there anyone from India here?

That would ease some things out regarding profits I guess

if you calculate how much you spend on electricity, compared to the $ value of XMR, you wont be profitable, unless you get free (or very cheap) electricity. however, you are still able to participate in XMR mining and get a lot more, if you compare it to things like BTC, since you dont compete with ASICS

What is this lot more I get in participating

and if you just hodl you mining rewards for some time and monero becomes more valuable, you can get to profits in time too

Yea hodling is a good thing. But then I would just buy and hodl right instead of mining

I am curious about the other benefits you're talking about compared to btc

Is the a Monero price speculation telegram group?

well, BTC is mined by ASICS, so you got to get the same hardware to be competitive.since XMR switched to the randomX algo last year, CPUs are the best hardware to mine it, so you are competitive with a normal computer with a good CPU

which makes electricity the most important factor for mining profitability

Ah I see what you're talking about

Right now seems like my hardware sucks for mining