any tips/pointers will be greatly appreciated

eat a dik wise ass

Our coins are stuck for the past 7 months, can't withdraw

ask yer mom, heard she withdraws no prob

no fuk off and lemme talk to the big boyz

tips/pointers welcome

Hope your problem gets solved this year

my daemon is not syncing

Mason info
my daemon is not syncing

Windows I probably blocking it, unblock all monero files / folders

@AABraun this is scammer, pls ban him he is offering a withdrawal scam shitHe told me he found me in this chatgroup

I'm looking to get a little more detailed info about monero (e.g. how the signatures work). Does anone have some good websites?

Literally the author is midaslabs and the project is called deminer, how did you miss it

I suspect you didn't make any effort at all to look it up, and just claimed it doesn't exist...

If so, it would make sense that you couldn't see it, given that you have no sight

Blind is a harsh word. ARE YOU VISUALLY IMPAIRED is a more accepted way of asking

Also, he might need bold considering the condition

Yes, it's 1pm, but I was up til 5, so lemme alone

;D man i love you bro ;D

I was looking for it on playstore it wasn't there

There a are many cool things not available on playstore for androids :)


lol I made this gif for Epic Cash, but I don't mind sharing it with Monero :)

Can I mine monero??

Please how can I mine monero?

Lekletti Pruf
try another remote node

I'm having the same issue, running tails and unable to connect to any node from moneroworld