Thanks, will check out.

Deminer from midas labs, apparently. Never tried it though.

Were you not reading the conversation?

just dont do it, u will pretty much destroy ur phone for nothing, it will just heat up the phone and give u nothing in return

ah ok sorry, just poped in my head so :D

yeah for sure

"At this point, Bitcoin mining is basically a chinese oligopoly.' Dr. Daniel Kim

I guess he means oligopoly build by high investments in computer infraestructures (including foreign) located in China

a kind of centralization

RONALD Sinclair
yeap. working great now

That's great, it has been a nightmare for almost a year, will try to withdraw

Hello My monero wallet not conected node

Network status connecting

Tried it doesn't work

The wallet worked without problems and one day it just stopped working

I've been waiting for 2 days =(

Hey. I am facing a problem with transferring my funds. Endless sync, GUI

А и вообще

Вы русский7

Я думал перевод

У меня не идет коннект к ноде

Я включил кошелек, синхронизация идет и илет

Вечно коннектит

Уже два дня так

Нетвор статус


Синхронизации нет

Нельзя прислать

У меня демон синхронизирован

why is my wallet stuck at 94035 ??