Is the bug with hardware ledger wallet solved yet?

I figured it out

To accelerate transaction speed XMR could run through IPFS descentralized network

How would a InterPlanetary File System help accelerate transactions speed? :D

Does anyone know BTM?

Okay, this is the Monero group

Can I mine Monero with a laptop now? What is the minimum configuration required to not lose money?

Free power

Nikola Tesla talked something about it, butt there were people that didnt like the 'free, part of it

Can you convert Monero into cash 💴 anonymously?

find someone for a f2f meetup on localmonero.

Yh but that’s not anonymous because the police could be posing as a cash buyer and then I get busted

I would recommend you to create a github page and make whatever software you want

Put a donation XMR/BTC/etc address in README or something like that

And donate to yourself

Hy guys anyone know about deminer?

Google and some memory about the announcement ages ago make me think it's probably legit

Monero can mining at smartphone?

It's more of a 'that's neat' thing than a major profit center

Okay thx u for the information

and i know because i've just tested

I've been trying to mine on my graphics calculator