leonardo marcel
I want an opinion for a wallet to keep monero which would be the best for me and that doesn't cover anything to keep my monero

Keep only Monero is the best using monero-gui-wallet in combination with a ledger. Keep on mind: never ever send your seeds to NONE!


Then add it yourself, what stops you if you want it so much...

leonardo marcel
I want an opinion for a wallet to keep monero which would be the best for me and that doesn't cover anything to keep my monero

If on Android, Monerujo is good.If on iOS, Cake wallet is good.The most important thing is to write down your seed. And if you have a good deal of money in crypto, use a hw wallet.

Could someone please help me recover my xmr. I’m not getting anywhere. Only thing happening is losing assets.

Last person that offered help gave me a story why he required.025 BTC for processing. I’ll compensate for your time.

Using X wallet for iOS. When I try to send it tells me check balance or a network node error occurred. I’ve tried multiple different nodes same result. I deleted and reinstalled app numerous times. I can recover the wallet with a balance. Say use monero reference client as a possible way to recover. All the open code amd stuff isn’t a strong point

Sounds like it’s an issue with the remote nodes you’re connecting to.

Connect to your own node and then try again.

I’d been looking at XCATs for some time, and all of the pieces of the puzzle came together at the right time.

Ill give it a shot

No no fiat at all. The idea is to try to get people to transition to a financial world without banks.

It’s a challenge to do things which are really decentralized. With SIBEX everyone operates their own server.

We do have a user portal, and soon you can buy crypto with fiat (credit card) via a partner within that portal.

You can, in theory, do XCATs with e.g. BTC/ZEC. But it's hard as nuts to do, lots of places where things can go wrong, and the market is super tiny. If we can prove that people like XCATs in the first place, then we can do more later.

Btw, is it open source?

Some parts are. Much is not, as we don't want to give competitors a head start. But everything is open to audit, if you bring your own auditor.

This was a key take-away for me from X Wallet- that you need a professional team to look at your code. Can't rely on random strangers to wander along and really find the bugs that will bite you.

Last note on this, since it's kinda off-topic: there is good info here if anyone is interested: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5233774.0

Help with producing my own node. Or how to obtain a private node.

Elon is that you ?

Lol morons keep on trying, does anyone actually ever fall for these

Even if $250Billion of these $4Trillion Fed money leaks out to cryptos

And as we are aiming to list Star (STR) token of Star.cash on Tokok and tradeogre exchanges by May15th, a bulk investor investing 200k USD in STR tokens may get a 10,000% by June-July 2020 boom market post corona boom boosted by almost ten trillion dollar being printed by FED, ECB, PBOC and other Central banks worldwide


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