Does anyone knows how to fixed error on wallet failed to deserialize?

Hey everyone CryptoGroupsbot instructions aren't clear enough. It says I have to submit the captcha as a post message but I can't post in the monero group. I send the captcha inside the bots message and it just disappears when submitted.

How may I help you on your account ?

some admin monero online?

some admin monero online?

Technically anyone here can help you unless they ask for payment or private keys. Don't need an "admin" for anything. Cause if you lost private keys you're screwed anyways

@ofthesalazar gyms closed for you?Free weights squats now?

Yeh everyone, what do you guys think of a new monero video using "the great dictator" charlie chaplin video? It would be similar to this video: and similar to the existing monero videos on this youtube channel : It would include clips with recent events: i.e. the coronavirus and massive stimulus packages. Do you guys think it is too soon? I want to include graphic images of people impacted by the coronavirus, chinese lock down videos, trump speeches etc. So it might be taken down by youtube.

Will monero go down to 10$

Hello admin! Could you please help me get in touch with someone to discuss a special limited-time listing offer for your coin? I'd be very thankful.

List it or don't. Its all up to you

How long does it approximately take to solo mine a block? Anyone?

They say monero is not scalable

Hey guys. I wonder where I can spent my monero?

Cause Nigeria is dictatorship and you don't have proper medicine. As well as my country

Lies lies... Your medical pride has failed you guys... I pity and sorry for anyone who thinks that health is in science Where are all the people who trusted in their technologically advancement... It failed them.. Guess what... In Nigeria and other African countries.. We want tourist whose countries are suffering from corna virus to leave Africa immediately.. To return to their countries..

Nigeria is full of scammera

but do you know that Scammers fall victim to fellow Scammer...

Yes... U were lured an u cheaply believed...That was why u were scammed

But a honest man cannot fall cheaply to lies... But a greedy man will fall to any Scammer...

Is this channel legit??

Hey, how to buy? Best liquid exchange?

With btc, maybe binance

With fiat? Possibly Kraken

Binance buy bcn and exchange for monero

Working even with sepa transfer

Interview with a Randy Brito of Locha Mesh regarding recent funding from the Monero Community