Is fast and hard rise expected

Let me check my Crystal Ball

oh, yeah it says you're good bro

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Guys, can somebody help me, did monero have support? Or whine should I write, if I didn’t get coins(after I bought them)...

Introducing Isabella the Monero Girl.

Seven stickers so far. More every day until I finish with them.

They're from my design firm. Cypher Stack.

Brand new site, so not showing up on google. Can't put the url here cuz that's abusing my mod powers to shill. But legend has it that if you just put those two words together and add a .com you'll get someplace.

kasy hu

Gomez, How may I help you?


I though you have some questions maybe I can answered you 😊

Where can i find trusted node?

New Monero music video out now:

Hello Community !I'm a representative of a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange !Please reference me to a person who is in charge of listing !I have an exclusive proposal and partnership opportunities 🤝

I'm just asking politely

My consistent trolls tell me that I'm now famous.