what's a supergroup, it sounds awesome

can have up to 5000 members pin annoucement

i think telegram's mission tally to monero... telegram to whatsapp - monero to bitcoin :D

Also, you can edit your own messages, no need for *

ah so Telegram isn't immutable

also you can create bots on it

You misspelled "scam", use the edit button😁

due to ICO?

They really raised the scamcoin bar

ouh... well that's what made the news and people like me look into crypto stuff

after many hours of reading i found out about unfairness

I need to update some of those in the next few weeks

there's some post-quantum cryptography stuff we want to put into the research goals

monero leads

MRL team does a great job

should tell pavel to accept monero :p

monero = bitcoin 2009/2010

let them finish the gui

found out about it because other projects are not fair

@shenv build it yourself rather than trusting the binaries

instructions are in the readme

well unless you want to review all the code yourself you have to trust that all the contributors are checking the code

also merges (and most commits) are GPG signed

so there's a chain of custody and a chain of trust on the git repo

you can check that with git log —show-signature