Bcash is not good at all, they will not survice

Zcash inflation almost 200% for the last two years, why you hodl Zcash as the supply of Zcash is increasing 8% monthly avg ?

High degree of anonymity is at one point the strength of the coin, while on the other hand, the same feature might prove disastrous for its existence. It has got access to the dark web where all the negative and illegal activities are taking place. It is highly possible that Monero might see restrictions through regulations of different countries.Regulatory bodies are quite active to put harsh bans on crypto trading in several countries. It might get away with it but this is what we think could possibly happen to it in the near future.So the Monero forecast is positive for now, but concerning the graph of the market, anything could happen. Even a few bans could be disastrous.

"what can Say about that?"


Does anyone know localbitcoins analog for zcash?


Guys, I manage my crypto with Trezor and Exodus, now I want some Monero, do I leave em on Exodus after BTC➡️XMR exchange or better➡️ to Monero GUI?

Not your keys, not your coins

Yeah I know, that’s why I use the Trezor. Do you mean I better transfer them to Monero GUI?

It is also in 'English, butt its at wrongk channel tho

wow that was a lot of dumb graphs and text lol

Was something about a bear think its a brown bear

Hi do someone have a guide how to buil a wallet with raspberry?

Mike Dors

There's no moon yet, over 1 Million corona cases.

Anyone here with a Monero shirt?

Man Monero shirts are nice, nice way to show your support for it and it also serves as a promotion for Monero.

But how about this, let's shift our minds away from the current market so as to not continue in sadness and steer into depression.Lets talk about speculation, something more fun and exciting, really the reaping of our hard work and patience, anyone have any price targets in mind or somewhere where they want to see Monero in terms of price or rank?

Gotta be wise and use this time not as a waste but to strategize to think/plan ahead otherwise you may be caught by surprise and have no clue as to what to do when to do it because you didn't elaborate a plan.

I'll start first I would like to see Monero in the Top 5 and to see it surpass Bitcoin Cash in Market Capitalization.