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What happens if I leave "restore height" blank? Will the scan of the blockchain take a very long time?

Hello there Monero developers and site admins. Please be aware that AddTrust's CA certificate in your sites' cert chain has expired on 30th of May, so [at least Debian's] wget gives out error about non-trusted certificate when trying to download initial blockchain file for import.

Are you using this link? https://downloads.getmonero.org/blockchain.raw

Yes, I am using exactly that URL.It seems my post with an URL pointing to a RaspberryPi forum thread which explains the error in more detail just got removed. Can I somehow post an URL here?


This is the source of this issue: https://support.sectigo.com/articles/Knowledge/Sectigo-AddTrust-External-CA-Root-Expiring-May-30-2020Ubuntu released an update: https://usn.ubuntu.com/4377-1/Haven't checked debian, but they should have as well

For Debian: remove references to "AddTrust External CA Root" from /etc/ca-certificates.conf and /etc/ssl/certs, then run "update-ca-certificates -f -v"

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i have a question, why the use CPU is low to 25%

i run again for 100%

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They even apologized

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