Obob Renami

Church of Ethereum confirmed.

Lots of things are within a humans own consciousness but I don't wanna digress, sight smell senses et al, conscience, passions/emotions, ego, theory of mind. Think of consciousness as the bed like Ethereum is the base to coins

i participated in Sunday's mass while I was traveling in NYC & visiting with a friend who moved to the city from my hometown, I showed him how we send each other XMR & I got to tell him about Monero. He works for a firm that sells financial products, so he understands that there is a digital token asset class such as bitcoin & ethereum, etc. Got to evangelize Monero to him so to speak, essentially explaining XMR's privacy features as well as its tail emission/PoW structure

and I think ethereum is not going to be adopted like bitcoin has

Yup. If you look at ethereum it's even more ridiculous.