Kardashians Vs. People with Talent?

Robom Benai
2-3, 3-4, 4+?

The dash is followed by the number of votes for that option

Luke dash Jr. doesn't know the discussion he's missing.

Robom Benai
Could make it privacy shitcoins

what other privacy coin, I have dash and zcash

Why wouldn't folks get behind ONE cryptocurrency with inflation control, that was actually useable and scaleable... and use that to fdeal with the big demon which is inflationary fiat and take over the world. Once that is out of the way, you then all go your seperate ways using the popular global currency to then go to monero, or litecoin, or dash, or even VergeCoin or whatever... and go buy whatever you want, do whateveer you want to do. It seems whilst we are all in little gangs, the big beast (fiat) which is why most of us got into crypto at first is still winning. One would almost thing their tactics of divide/conquer have worked.

Yeah, I'm questioning your "in it for the tech" bit...given that the BSV "tech" is...not impressive?

It's simple. It's just BTC with big blocks. That's what I like for sound money. That's one of my fears of Monero, of Lightning Network, of a massively scaleable Dash etc...

Probably interesting for you too - you must get bored with same Monero folks all the rime I imagine. It's nice to reach out! Maybe next I'll choose ZCash, or Dash, or Litecoin or whatever! Litecoin would be fun to bite my lip 😄

Thethrowaccount21 is actually quite infamous in Monero community. He's more annoying than harmful at this point because he's so zany. Looks like he's appealing to the bch community to adopt him since he's been banned from his own beloved dash. :)