God will provide a way. Right now we are focused on education, marketing, organizational structure, cultural development, and networking. Most of us subsidize our income from cryptocurrency and the entire crypto market is in the slumps. We simply do not yet have the resources to immediately pursue a satellite launch yet, but we will when the market turns around.

when rule 34 for monero? I remember someone sharing on #monero-pt a porn video of a couple having sex in a cryptocurrency mining farm.

Cryptocurrency fursonas! Yaaay

However, this church is dedicated to black market cryptocurrency for real.

I'm happy to reimburse @Scissorhand78 with another cryptocurrency right now

Anybody can scan a qr code and copy + paste their address And if they can’t, they are unable to use any cryptocurrency

Monero is secureMonero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is secure digital cash operated by a network of users. Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain. Third-parties do not need to be trusted to keep your Monero safe.

Monero is privateMonero uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions. Monero provides all the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency, without any of the typical privacy concessions.

"Iranian sources have told CoinDesk that some of them are no longer able to access the cryptocurrency swap platform ShapeShift, even when using virtual private networks (VPNs). As such, the sanctions appear to be already impacting Iranians who want to make lawful use of cryptocurrencies."
Xeagu (Зиягу)
Butt who will have the keys?

I'm just thinking on this idea, because in the whole cryptocurrency space we are now talking about how much privacy you need, instead on how will you protect your private property.

As a cyber security consultant and consummate tinkerer - I hope that the members and miners realize how vulnerable crypto currency ASIC hardware is, and how dangerous it is if you don't set up your network appropriately. If you are a solo Miner, have a huge farm, or anywhere in between I recommend you read through this link highlighting just how vulnerable an improper setup is:

Still, I salute you. The future of CryptoCurrency is bright: I am www.CryptoCopia.GA

Im scared of the Monero wallet, next thing you know my CPU will be at 100% - I don't have any money to invest in cryptocurrency and only own a small, tiny amount of Bitcoin

Well, when the price of cryptocurrency gets enough for me to worry

Come to think of it, the only good thing I can say about cryptocurrency of any kind is that I believe it has a bright future

I would prefer not getting into a philosophical debate, so to summarize. Mocking Monero does not = making a mockery of Monero. Monero is a Cryptocurrency. XMR is a tool for people to remain private and transact wealth. It will also be MOST effective when it has been adopted by the mainstream and has a larger user base. Bringing religious overtones and mocking religions that a majority of the world find extreme feelings of safety, comfort, and peace from is a threat to Monero (the cryptocurrency) and it’s ability to become most effective through large scale adoption. Diluting the power of Monero (the tool) with bullshit religious memes and claiming Monero has a church makes a complete mockery of the project and the potential it has for the world.

It’s clear that many of you are either atheist or have been disappointed or oppressed by religious institutions. I don’t want to discount that. My plea to you is to deal with that in your own ways and not bring it to a cryptocurrency project that has tremendous power to change paradigms in this world. It seems to me to be misguided and clearly has been controversial and confusing for many.

As I stated before, the reason of creating this group was more like a censorship resistance shield.Many things in this world are permitted because they hide behind the freedom of religion. So why shouldn't we take advantage as well? The argument that Christianity this is the religion of majority of the world is a non argument. Just that the majority of world doesn't care about privacy doesn't mean we should try to appeal them.About saying that having a "religion" makes a mockery of the project doesn't make any sense... What's the mockery in what we do? The fact that we want to build comunity trust? The fact that help people get used to sending and receiving monero?

Monero is already censorship resistant, to think the CoM is a shield for Monero is rather naive...Christianity makes up about 30% of the world, but ALL religion makes up 84%. Only 16% of the world is secular/atheist/agnostic. I am saying that forcing a “religion” into Monero as a cryptocurrency has the potential to turn away anyone who fits in the 84% regardless of what religion they adhere to.Building community trust and teaching people how to send Monero are such weak arguments for having a church. You can literally do those two things anywhere else in the ecosystem. The mockery is that a well meaning cryptocurrency project (a tool) has some group trying to say it’s now a project with a religious element.

xmr haelan
I would be repeating my previous comments, so just scroll up and read them.

I did, and I am refuting the hell out of: "Building community trust and teaching people how to send Monero are such weak arguments for having a church. You can literally do those two things anywhere else in the ecosystem. The mockery is that a well meaning cryptocurrency project (a tool) has some group trying to say it’s now a project with a religious element."There is no religious element. This is a fun excuse for me to have a reason to sync my wallet and churn a few times a week while hanging out with like minded Monero enthusiasts while doing so.

As a supporter of both CoM and Monero (but more so Monero, since my full-time cryptocurrency job is related to Monero analysis, education, and investments), this is why I have called for Xeagu to consider making some kind of public apology to help the PR situation

Xeagu Зиягу
Some things are done just for fun. You could ask the same question about the Church of Monero - is it even needed?

For good community sanity the church is needed. The language being worked inside the church is totally diferent from the language spoken inside the development of square code for Monero as a cryptocurrency.

Why wouldn't folks get behind ONE cryptocurrency with inflation control, that was actually useable and scaleable... and use that to fdeal with the big demon which is inflationary fiat and take over the world. Once that is out of the way, you then all go your seperate ways using the popular global currency to then go to monero, or litecoin, or dash, or even VergeCoin or whatever... and go buy whatever you want, do whateveer you want to do. It seems whilst we are all in little gangs, the big beast (fiat) which is why most of us got into crypto at first is still winning. One would almost thing their tactics of divide/conquer have worked.

But, welcome to the closest thing we have to a "fully functional cryptocurrency as Satoshi intended"
The Birth Of The CoronaCoin (NCOV): An ERC-20 Cryptocurrency ‘Backed’ By The Coronavirus